Minear and Holland Believe in Miracle Man

“Drive” creator Tim Minear and Emmy winner Todd Holland have teamed for “Miracle Man,” a drama project that sparked a bidding war between ABC and Fox and landed at ABC with a put pilot commitment.

“Miracle” — from 20th Century Fox TV, where Minear and Holland are based with overall deals — centers on a disgraced former televangelist, a man of no faith, who finds that God is using him to perform real miracles and change lives, starting with his own.

“It’s about losing everything and starting over and finding that there is a higher purpose in life,” Minear said. “It’s about a man who says, ‘I don’t know how to be good, but I’ll try to be better.’ ”

“Miracle” was developed by Minear and Holland, who worked together on Fox’s critically praised drama “Wonderfalls.” Minear is writing the script, with Holland set to direct. Both are executive producing.


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