Lucas on Upcoming Star Wars Projects

ON received word from the Directors Guild of America where George Lucas was a guest speaker. The “Star Wars” creator talked about Lucasfilm’s upcoming projects. Here’s a clip:

He’s very excited about the animated 3D Clone Wars TV series. He is trying to recreate the ambiance of a SW film in cartoon form – “there won’t be anything on TV like it” – it’ll be “smart ass comedy with contemporary humor.” It won’t be dealing with the Skywalker story. The emphasis is on freedom to portray anything they feel like; for instance some episodes are just about clonetroopers, another features as the main character Kit Fisto. He’s going to make 100 episodes, doesn’t have a network yet.

The live action series is still a few years away, no character decisions have been cast in stone. He did say that each show will be a different character. also got a chance to talk to Lucas and he revealed more about the animated show:

He tells us about a new character we will see in the upcoming animated series that takes place during the Clone wars. Her name is Osoka (this is a phonetic spelling, after all, with Lucas and his spelling magic it will probably be Osaakua or something like that), she is a young Padawan learner, it’s her first assignment and she’s very young. she’s a little Togruta, the same species as Shaak Ti from Episodes II and III.

Visit the link above for more of that interview.