Interview: Players Co-Creators

How Players’ Wall Punch Joke Cost Paramount So Much Money

Players‘ first trailer was full of humor and gags, but one of the most unexpected jokes was when one of the series’ main character Creamcheese punches a wall and crumples to the ground in pain claiming he hit a stud. It became one of the show’s standout jokes, but it ended up being much more than a joke, as actor Misha Brooks broke his hand doing the scene. This goof ended up requiring a lot of CG, longer clothes, and reshoots to hide the injured appendage.

Co-Creator Tony Yacenda explained this in an interview with ComingSoon. Brooks could be seen wearing a cast in early unfinished screeners of the show, so when prompted on what happened, Yacenda talked about how that one bit was the reason why.

“That was the first take of that scene and he broke his hand and we used it,” he said. “It’s in the trailer. But for the last two weeks of the shoot, he had a cast. So it was a combination of putting him in sweatshirts, some VFX, and then a couple of reshoots way down the line.”

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And since there were reshoots and visual effects, the simple joke ended up being somewhat costly. According to fellow co-creator Dan Perrault, it was their “most expensive joke.”

It wasn’t an improvised “gamer rage” move, either, as the joke was written beforehand and included punching the wall. They even put some padding in the walls to cushion the blow. But Yacenda admitted that there was very little padding, something he said Brooks would attest to.

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