Transformers-Earth-Spark Paramount Plus

Transformers: EarthSpark Debuting Later This Year on Paramount+

As was already announced, the adventures of Optimus Prime and his many transforming robot friends will continue in Transformers: EarthSpark, a new cartoon produced in part by Nickelodeon. However, the series now has a release date and will be premiering on Paramount+ sometime in November.

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EarthSpark will depict how the everlasting conflict between Autobots and Decepticons changes with the introduction of a new generation of robots born on Earth rather than Cybertron. The show is making some visual nods to the original ’80s Transformers thanks to the classic Optimus Prime design, but it’s unclear if it will fit neatly into any existing continuity or stick to its own guns.

EarthSpark is one of two new Transformers cartoons hitting whatever it is the airwaves are called in the streaming era. The other is Transformers: BotBots, a cartoon aimed at the younger set that will see its 15-minute episodes debut on Netflix this coming Friday, March 25. Outside of the concept of transforming robots, the show seemingly has little to do with any ongoing Transformers plotting, instead focusing on new characters causing mischief in a shopping mall.

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Both shows are part of a renewed push of Transformers by Paramount, a movement that also includes the upcoming live-action film Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and an animated CG film set for a 2024 release. It’s a sound move for variety’s sake as Paramount Pictures looks for more big franchises to bring to its streaming service beyond Star Trek and its Hollywood lineup.


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