The Boys Star Antony Starr Arrested in Spain After Bar Fight

The Boys actor Antony Starr was arrested in Spain this week, according to a recent report from The Daily Mail.

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Starr was reportedly convicted of a crime of wounding after an incident that occurred outside of a bar in Alicante, a city in Spain. The police were called following an altercation in which a 21-year-old chef was said to have been punched twice by the actor, as well as had a glass smashed into his face after trying to make Starr leave the bar following another altercation. The victim was taken to a hospital and received four stitches above his eye.

The report mentions that Starr was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence. However, the actor would be able to avoid any prison time if he paid a fine of £4,000 (roughly $7,855) to the victim within three days and did not commit another crime within the next two years. According to the courts, Starr’s inebriated state was taken into account as an “extenuating factor” in the matter.

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Starr was in Spain filming for director Guy Ritchie’s latest film, which is also set to star Jake Gyllenhaal. Starr rose to superstardom due to his portrayal of the superhero Homelander in Amazon Prime Video’s original series The Boys, which is currently set to premiere its third season later this year.


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