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Anthony Mackie Reveals How Long He Wants to Play Captain America

Anthony Mackie is proud to be playing Captain America after the events of Disney+’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but he knows he won’t be able to do the role forever.

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During a recent interview, Mackie revealed how long he wants to play the role. “I definitely don’t want to be a 55-year-old Captain America, so I’ve got a solid six to eight [years] in me,” Mackie told Variety. That’s still plenty of time to do several films, and it can always be extended if the terms are right.

Mackie also discussed the ending of the series and feels that the monologue he gave in the final episode cemented his character as Captain America in everyone’s eyes.

“This is the moment where he becomes Captain America, so what’s his Captain America going to stand for? Because he was a soldier, he was a caretaker of soldiers, a counselor, he’s not the guy who’s going to bust his way through problems. The humanitarian side of him was something that I feel is his superpower, his ability to have empathy and sympathy for those around him is your superpower. So that monologue was about him showing that if one of us is mistreated, we’re all to blame. And that’s the overall theme of the new Captain America. Not Black Cap, or Cap for the people, he’s Captain America for all.”

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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is available now on Disney+.


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