Robert Kirkman Confirms Two More Seasons of Invincible at Amazon

Viewers who have been enjoying Amazon Prime Video’s ongoing superhero series Invincible have something to celebrate. Franchise co-creator Robert Kirkman reached out to the show’s lead actor Steven Yeun to share the news that Amazon has renewed the show for two more seasons.

This good news comes just one day before tomorrow’s season one finale, entitled “Where I Really Come From.” The entire show concerns Mark Grayson, the son of the world’s greatest superhero. When he finally starts to develop his own abilities, he begins to train with his father and fight alongside other heroes. However, a horrible twist of fate threatens to shake up his entire world and fight for what he believes in over his own heritage.

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Invincible joins the ongoing success of Prime Video’s The Boys, another superhero show with several spinoffs in development alongside a third season. Like The BoysInvincible is based on an existing comic series published by Image starting in 2003. Co-created by Kirkman and artist Cory Walker, the series ran for 144 issues to its natural conclusion, which lends for a lot of material for the ongoing Amazon show.

A film based on the hero may also still be in the works. Announced in 2017, Invincible the movie once had Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg attached as writers before slowly descending into development hell. For what it’s worth, Kirkman has stated as of January that the project is still being worked on in some capacity. Perhaps the ongoing success of this Amazon Prime adaption will be enough to get the movie tie-in soaring through the Hollywood skies once more.