Blossoms Shanghai: Wong Kar Wai Sets His First Drama Series

Blossoms Shanghai: Wong Kar Wai Sets His First Drama Series

Award-winning Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai (Happy Together) is officially working on a brand new project in the form of his debut drama series titled Blossoms Shanghai which is an adaptation of author Jin Yucheng’s novel called Blossoms. In addition, The Wild Goose Lake star Hu Ge has also been tapped to lead the series.

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Set as a homage to Wong’s birthplace, Blossoms Shanghai will be exploring the massive economic growth of the titular city in the 1990s. It will follow the story a self-made millionaire named Mr Bao, and his journey of reinvention from a young opportunist with a troubled past to the heights of the gilded city.

“Jin Yucheng’s landmark novel Blossoms has been the perfect backdrop to visualize and share my love for my birth city,” Wong Kar Wai said in a statement (via Deadline). “With the series, I would like to invite the audience to immerse in the intrigues of Shanghai and its inhabitants in the early 1990s, an exciting time that paved the way for the prosperity of modern Shanghai.”

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The series is created and produced by Wong, who is also set to direct the first episode. It will be written by Qin Wen with Academy Award-winning cinematographer Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) also signing on. It is a production by Wong’s Jet Tone Films.

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