Quibi Debuts Select Free Episodes on YouTube Channel!

Quibi Debuts Select Free Episodes on YouTube Channel!

For viewers still pondering whether to sign up for the latest streaming service, Quibi, the Jeffrey Katzenberg platform has opted to select free episodes of its library on YouTube for free! Check out the YouTube channel by clicking here!

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This Friday marks the final day for customers to be able to sign up for the free 90-day trial, and the move is being considered as the latest effort by the mobile-focused service to adapt to the launch market conditions. The company is ramping up its efforts to create a way to stream programming via viewers’ connected TV for a lean-back experience for those quarantined at home.

For anyone accessing the episodes through a connected-TV device, Quibi has circumvented its unique Turnstyle technology, enabling seamless viewing ether vertically or horizontally, and offered both landscape and portrait versions of the episodes made available on YouTube.

Quibi launched on April 6 and is a new opponent to the original streaming tycoon Netflix, with a membership of $5 for a month for an ad-supported version while an $8 subscription without ads also being available. The app has been downloaded 2.6 million times in the three weeks since its debut, with Katzenberg assuring in interviews that the service should be judged in the long-term versus the number of initial downloads.

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Shows being offered free episodes on YouTube include the Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz-starring thriller Most Dangerous Game, the Anna Kendrick and Donal Logue-led comedy Dummy and the Maika Monroe and Dane DeHaan psychological thriller The Stranger!


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