Netflix Partnering with Train to Busan Director for Hellbound


Netflix Partnering with Train to Busan Director for Hellbound

Netflix partnering with Train to Busan director for Hellbound

After breaking out with 2016’s action zombie thriller Train to Busan, Korean writer/director Yeon Sang-ho is continuing his partnership with Netflix, who streamed his runaway hit, to develop the upcoming horror series Hellbound, according to Bloody Disgusting.

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Based on the Korean webtoon Hell, the series will tell the story of surviving under social chaos as a group of supernatural beings appear and condemn people to Hell, while a new religious group interprets them as the will of the divine. What unfolds through this crisis is an intense and highly-charged story about people who survive under conditions of utter social chaos.

Yeon is set to collaborate on the script with illustrator Choi Gyu-seok, whose prevoius works include the webtoon Songgot, which was adapted as a television drama in 2015. Hellbound is set to be produced by Korea’s Lezhin Studio.

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After the international zombie hit, Yeon stepped behind the camera in the film world for the 2018 superhero film Psychokinesis, which scored strong reviews once again from critics, and is returning to the action horror genre for the highly-anticipated Train to Busan sequel, which is currently slated for an August release in South Korea. In addition to Hellbound, Netflix is currently developing a series adaptation of the Korean zombie webtoon All of Us Are Dead.