Steven Moffat Returns for a New Doctor Who Story


Steven Moffat Returns for a New Doctor Who Story

Steven Moffat returns for a new Doctor Who story

It has already been over two years after Steven Moffat’s final episode as the showrunner and executive producer of BBC’s long-running fantasy series Doctor Who, and now, Moffat makes his return to the Doctor Who universe as he writes a brand new short adventure story for the titular Time Lord. The short story titled “The Terror Of The Umpty Ums,” centering on Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth doctor.

Steven Moffat was the showrunner and executive producer of Doctor Who for six seasons which starred Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi as the tenth and twelfth incarnations of the doctor.

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Here’s an excerpt from the story which you can now read on BBC’s official website:

“The reeking flesh mass was silent for a moment before twisting and stretching its upper, frontal skin lumps into a new configuration. Karpagnon’s visual circuits processed and pattern-matched the configuration within two nano-seconds: apparently the human was smiling. Karpagnon considered for a moment and elected not to retaliate.

“Did you hear me?” emitted the Human from its flapped aperture. “Did you understand? Do you understand what I’m saying?” The encoded sound stream was accompanied by a fresh flow of smells also emanating from the aperture. Karpagnon’s sensory filter began processing the new odours, while his tactical monitor noted that they were unlikely to be directly significant to the Human’s communication. The light spray of moisture was similarly dismissed. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ahmed will be here too. Do you remember them?”

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Last season 11, the new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, was joined by an all-new cast of characters in the series, including Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill and in a recurring role Sharon D Clarke. Chris Chibnall took over as head writer and executive producer from Steven Moffat for the series.

The series began broadcasting on BBC America in 2005, follows the Doctor, an alien from a race called the Time Lords whose home planet is Gallifrey, and is created by Sydney Newman (The Avengers), and Executive Produced by Russell T. Davies (Torchwood), Julie Gardner (Torchwood), Steven Moffat (Sherlock), Phil Collinson (Coronation Street), Piers Wenger (How I Live Now), Beth Willis, Brian Minchin (Wizards vs. Aliens), Caroline Skinner (Our Girl), and Mal Young (Desperate Scousewives).