Broadcast TV Shows Might Not Finish Their Full Seasons

Broadcast TV Shows Might Not Finish Their Full Seasons

Broadcast TV shows might not finish their full seasons

These past couple of days have been very hard for everyone around the world as we continue to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 from further increasing. Hollywood has not been safe from the threats of the pandemic, with major film and television productions -both broadcast and streaming- going into temporary production hiatus. However, unlike streamers, major broadcast TV networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and The CW are definitely in a huge dilemma as they try to figure out if their current shows will be able to return and finish their full seasons or not.

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In a new report by Vulture, they infer that most broadcast series that are currently airing might be ending their seasons early, one to four episodes short of the previously scheduled full-season orders. This is because the shows’ production suspension might possibly go on longer than two weeks, depending on the current situation. But if the productions would be able to resume in April, the shows could only finish filming one or two episodes in time for their scheduled broadcast.

Although the decision to end the seasons early has still not been finalized, it is strongly suggested that suspended productions won’t be resuming as the network executives also consider the great cost that comes with shutting down and starting up productions. They are also taking into account crew contracts and members of the cast’s other working commitments.

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This change will likely effect each show differently, with The CW’s Supernatural being a series that will be greatly affected by the production shut down. The long-running series is currently on its final season and has not yet filmed its series finale. If the network decided not to resume its production, fans might not be able to get their well-deserved good-bye episode. recommends all readers comply with CDC guidelines and remain as isolated as possible during this urgent time.