Lifeforce Heads to the Small Screen


Ringleader Studios has plans to bring Lifeforce to the small screen. Deadline reports that they have secured the rights to re-adapt the 1976 Colin Wilson novel, “The Space Vampires,” and will be using the title of Tobe Hooper’s 1985 cult classic for an ongoing series and other related media tie-ins including a video game and a graphic novel.

Set in the late 21st century, “The Space Vampires” follows an Earth spacecraft, the Hermes, that uncovers a massive derelict craft filled with bat creatures and three humanoids in suspended animation. When the Hermes’ crew brings the bodies back to Earth, they accidentally awaken an evil force intent on stealing the life-force energy of the entire planet.

The original film starred Steve Railsback and Mathilda May and, while it was a failure at the 1985 box office, has achieved a cult popularity today.

Steve Harris is attached to executive produce the new series.

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