The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The Mandalorian season 1 episode 7 recap

To keep anticipation high for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Disney+ has delivered the latest episode of the acclaimed spinoff series The Mandalorian two days earlier than normal, with a special look attached for the closure to the Skywalker Saga. The penultimate episode to the first season sees the return of many familiar faces, both friendly and dangerous, for a big plan to keep The Child safe.

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The Trade

Mando receives a transmission from Greef Karga revealing he’s alive and that The Client is still on Nevarro and has taken over the town with despotic rule after bringing more remnant troopers and has made business for The Guild troublesome. He offers a job in which they use The Child as bait to return to The Client, during which Mando will be surrounded by loyal Guild members and will kill the Client and have his name cleared in The Guild and gets to keep The Child. Mando begins building his own team as he returns to Sorgan to hire Cara Dune and to where he found The Child to recruit Kuiil, who reveals he has revived and re-programmed IG-11 after Mando prevented it from killing The Child.

Everyone Has a History

As the trio camp out in Kuiil’s home for the night, we learn more of Cara’s backstory, as Kuiil recognizes the tattoo on her arm as that of a Dropper for the Rebel Alliance, a form of shock trooper. When asked if he served during the Galactic Civil War, Kuiil reveals he fought for the Galactic Empire during it. As they fly off to Nevarro the next day, tensions are high after The Child begins choking Cara with the Force during an arm-wrestling match with Mando, mistaking it for an act of aggression. During their heated shouting, of which Cara scolds Kuiil for fighting for the Empire, he reveals he was sold to the Empire and forced to conduct manual labor for them as well as fight, that it was not by choice.

A Wayward Night of Camping

The trio land in an isolated part of the planet and meet with Greef and his two other Guild members, with the plan to have Kuiil be the one to keep an eye on The Child during the job while Cara will act as Mando’s primary support alongside Greef and the two others. After venturing through the lava pits during the day, they camp out during the night and are attacked by pterodactyl-type creatures, with Greef sustaining a grave injury with poison form the creature spreading rapidly through his arm. Before he succumbs to it, The Child uses The Force to heal his arm and remove the poison.

An Olive Branch

During their journey the next day, Greef shoots and kills the two Guild members, revealing that their plan was actually to kill Mando, and subsequently Cara and Kuiil, and take The Child back to the Client, but after it saved his life the night before, he had a change of heart. The new plan will have Kuiil take The Child back to the ship while Mando will appear to be restrained and head into town with Cara and Greef with the pram sealed to appear as though they are delivering the Child.

Pinned Down

The trio makes their way through the town, with Cara revealing she has a bad feeling of the situation as there are dozens of troopers in town versus just the four that Greef promised, though he promises it’s only supposed to be four guarding the Client. They arrive at a cantina to meet him and he asks that the pram be opened but before the truth about the Child is revealed, he receives a call from Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), hinting that he knows the Child isn’t in the pram. As Greef passes Mando his blaster under the table, blaster fire comes through the window behind the bar and takes out the Client and the troopers in the bar. Mando contacts Kuiil through their commlink to check if he’s made it back to the ship, but their transmission is intercepted by troopers on speeders, who rush to get to him before he can reach the ship. Gideon lands in the middle of town surrounded by a full army of troopers. As he desperately contacts Kuiil to see if he’s made it back to the ship, it’s revealed the speeder troopers beat him to the ship and killed him and have taken the Child back to town.