The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

It’s that time of the week again for Disney+ to grace us with another episode of its hit Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, as audiences catch up with the titular bounty hunter as he takes on a new job to facilitate the escape of a prisoner for an old associate with a crew of formidable mercenaries.

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Another Day, Another Job

In search of a job outside of the Guild’s purview, Mando reaches out to his old associate Ranzar “Ran” Malk (Mark Boone Junior), the leader of a motley crew on a station who hires the titular hunter to help free a prisoner from what he says are rival groups. He introduces Mando to the other crew members on the job, former Imperial soldier Mayfeld (Bill Burr), droid Zero (Richard Ayoade), Devoranian muscle Burg (Clancy Thomas) and Twi’lek Xi’an (Natalia Tena), who knows Mando from the past. The plan is to land on the ship, which is revealed to actually be a New Republic prisoner transport consisting solely of droid guards, using Mando’s ship The Crest to cloak their signal and infiltrate the transport, with Zero piloting it as he has the speed and calculations to remain undetected.

Personal Space

As they begin their journey to the transport, Burg begins poking around Mando’s ship, finding his weapons and trying to take them before he’s discovered and engages in a fight with Mando. After nearly freezing Burg in carbonite, the secret compartment holding The Child is discovered and Mayfeld questions Mando about it, with the latter calling it something akin to a pet and Mayfeld threatening to take it after the job. They are disrupted as Zero suddenly begins flying the ship in a fast and erratic manner in order to successfully land on the transport in secret.

He Always Hated Droids

The crew slowly make their way through the prison transport, being guided by Zero as it has hacked into the prison system and disabled the surveillance system to allow them to pass through undetected. As they make their way through the halls to the control center, seeing other prisoners, they come across a group of droid guards and engage in a gunfight. Mando disappears only to appear behind them and take them down in hand-to-hand combat, disabling all of the droids.

Nobody Has to Die

Upon reaching the control center, they find a human guard, contrary to the original plan there would only be droids on board. As Mayfield finds the cell number of their target, the guard threatens the crew with a New Republic distress beacon, which would have reinforcements on them within 20 minutes. As they all engage in a Mexican standoff, with Mando trying to help keep the guard alive, Xi’an kills him, but not before he sent out the distress beacon, putting them on a clock to find the prisoner and escape.

Another Betrayal

The crew arrives at the cell, revealing the prisoner to be Qin (Ismael Cruz Cordova), Xi’an’s brother who’s not a fan of Mando and they all turn on him, locking him into the cell as they work their way back to his ship. As the crew head back to the Crest, Zero decodes the message from Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) about The Child and finds it on board, searching for it as it hides from the droid.

The Hunt is On

Mando escapes his cell after killing a droid guard and taking its arm to hack through it. He arrives back at the control center and begins locking down various parts of the ship in order to split up the group, with Burg and Xi’an heading through one half of the ship while Qin and Mayfeld head the other as he offers the mercenary extra money to get him off the ship without the rest of the crew. Burg heads back to the control center and engages in a fight with Mando, nearly killing him before he is crushed in the doors by the titular hunter. Mando then finds Xi’an and engages in brief hand-to-hand combat before having her at knifepoint at her throat, seemingly killing her. He then finds Mayfeld making his way through the halls searching to kill Mando for Qin, and toys with him down various paths before appearing behind him and leaving his fate uncertain. He then finds Qin about to board his ship and before he can kill him, Qin offers him money while also criticizing him for not completing the job. As Zero finds The Child hiding in the compartment and trying to use the Force on it, Mando kills Zero before it opens fire.

Always a Trick Up His Sleeve

Mando returns Qin to Ran and gets paid for his efforts, but as he takes off, Ran orders a gunship to fly after and shoot down Mando. However, Qin hears a rapid beeping and finds the New Republic distress beacon in his pocket and a trio of X-wings (Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow) speed up to Ran’s station and open fire on the gunship and the station itself while Mando jumps into hyperspace and reminds the Child he said it would be a bad idea. We then see that Burg, Xi’an, and Mayfeld have all survived their encounters with Mando and are locked away in a cell together back on the transport ship.


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