Hulu’s Tigra & Dazzler Halted as Showrunner Exits


Hulu's Tigra & Dazzler Halted as Showrunners Exit

Hulu’s Tigra & Dazzler halted as showrunner exits

Deadline has brought word that one of the upcoming Marvel-Hulu collaborations, the animated Tigra & Dazzler, has hit a major snag as showrunner Erica Rivinoia has exited the series alongside writers over creative differences with the streaming service.

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Tigra & Dazzler Show will see the titular best friends/superheroes as they face one of their biggest battles yet: recognition from other superpowered people in Los Angeles. Tigra, created by Tony Isabella and Gil Kane, and Dazzler, created by Tom DeFalco, Roger Stern, Louise Simonson and John Romita Jr, have not been seen on the small screen for years, with Dazzler’s previous portrayal seen in the 2009 animated series Wolverine and the X-Men and is reportedly set to appear in the next live-action X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, and Tigra was last seen in the 1999 Fox animated series The Avengers: United They Stand.

The series was be written and executive produced by Rivinoja (The Last Man on Earth) and Chelsea Handler (Chelsea) alongside Jeph Loeb, but it appears the duo have exited the series as writers, with Loeb having stepping down as Head of Television for Marvel TV earlier this year as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment in October. Despite their creative exits, however, Handler and Loeb still remain attached as executive producers.

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Despite the shakeup, Hulu is still moving forward with the animated series, which is part of a roster that includes M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, and Howard the Duck, with a team-up crossover special entitled The Offenders still in the works for the four series.