Exclusive Game of Thrones Parody From Mad #11!


Exclusive Game of Thrones Parody From Mad #11!

Exclusive Game of Thrones parody from Mad #11!

MAD Magazine has provided ComingSoon.net with the chance to exclusively preview their upcoming Game of Thrones parody piece out of the upcoming Issue #11, the magazine’s 20 Dumbest People, Events, and Things of 2019, an annual tradition that turns 21 this year. Check it out our preview of the magazine issue now in the gallery below!

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Illustrated by scratchboard artist Mark Summers, the cover features an image of Alfred E. Neuman on what looks like a memorandum from the U.S. Department of Injustice.

Featuring unforgettable highlights from Game of Thrones’ final season, Jon Snow can be seen taking a quick Starbucks break as Tyrion, Brienne of Tarth, and Samwell are busy taking turns during keg stands, while Arya is struggling to melt the Night King with a blowdryer.

MAD Issue #11 is available digitally to subscribers and on sale in select comic stores or digital download starting December 18.

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The 20 Dumbest list also parodies The Mueller Report, deplorable ICE border camps, and MAD’s “ending,” among others. Despite earlier headlines of MAD’s demise, the magazine is actually working on their 2020 issues, which will continue to be published every other month, with new issues featuring new content and running alongside classic MAD favorites from the archives.