The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The Mandalorian season 1 episode 2 recap

While not as painful as the lead up to its premiere, the short wait is over for the second chapter of Disney+’s Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian and after finding an infantile member of Yoda’s species, the titular bounty hunter’s task is not getting any easier.

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The Hurdles Never End

After the explosive challenge of acquiring the target that turned out to be an infantile version of Yoda’s species, Mando (Pedro Pascal) has not seen the end of the challenges as he makes his way across the planet back to return to his ship and make the decision to protect it or turn it in for a bounty. As the two journey through the valley area, Mando senses life in the area and subsequently fights off Huttinese raiders as they attempt to take him out. But after taking the group out, he discovers an identity tracker, revealing a bounty is still out for the baby.

Band of Thieves

Upon returning to where he parked his ship, Mando finds a group of Jawa traders and their rolling fortress dismantling his craft and stripping it for parts. After attacking the group from a nearby cliff, Mando pursues the fortress on foot and eventually catches up to it and tries to board it. As he makes his way up the side of the ship while Jawas tries to shock him off and knock him down by throwing various objects at him, Mando successfully makes it to the roof, only to be greeted by a dozen electric rifles that knock him out and send him off the side. After waking up to The Child floating over him in its crib, the two overlook the damage done to the ship, with wires strewn about and enough panels missing to prevent it from taking off. The two then make their way across the desert once again in search of assistance.

I Have Spoken

After parting ways outside the mercenary camp in the previous episode, Mando returns to Kuiil (Nick Nolte) for help, spending another night at his farm before they head out to find the Jawas and attempt to trade with the group. Once they’ve caught up with the band of thieves/traders, the group is obviously upset by their previous encounter with Mando, which resulted in the disintegration of a handful of Jawas. Kuiil convinces both parties to sit down and attempt to trade for his ship’s parts, but after a heated discussion involving a flamethrower, his beskar armor and The Child, the two agree to set out for something the Jawas refer to as The Egg.

May the Force be With You

It’s revealed The Egg is an actual egg from a rhinoceros-type species known as the Mudhorn, which resides in a dark cave and is very protective of its eggs. Mando engages in a brutal fight with the creature, which sees major parts of his armor destroyed as his rifle was not loaded and his flamethrower doesn’t seem to deliver any damage. As his chest plate is damaged and he pulls out his knife as a last resort as the Mudhorn charges, The Child is revealed to have the Force and lifts the creature up in the air long enough for Mando to get around it and stab it to death once it lands. The power seems to have taken a toll on The Child as it falls into a deep sleep for the remainder of the story.

Working a Lifetime to be Free of Servitude

Mando delivers the egg to the Jawa traders who immediately cut it open and begin eating its innards with their hands, for which they return his ship parts. Kuiil and Mando work together to put the ship back together and do so successfully. Before he leaves the planet, Mando offers Kuiil a job and a handsome payment, as well as a portion of the reward for The Child, but he politely declines, saying he has worked a lifetime to be free of servitude, offering his thanks for bringing peace to his valley and accepting Mando’s thanks for the help. The bounty hunter sets off and as he makes his way through space, The Child wakes up and looks towards his current guardian.