Disney+ Picks Up Neal Shusterman’s Novel Challenger Deep

Disney+ picks up Neal Shusterman’s novel Challenger Deep

According to Deadline, Disney+ has acquired the rights to Neal Shusterman’s novel Challenger Deep and has tapped Toy Story 4 writer Will McCormack to pen the screenplay.

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The book follows Caden Bosch, who lives in two different worlds – one is a semi-normal life with his family and friends, although he believes people are trying to kill him. In his other world, he is part of a pirate crew on a voyage to place known as the Challenger Deep, the ocean’s deepest trench. Along the way Caden endures a captain and his mutinous parrot, not to mention the mutterings of his fellow shipmates. Per the report, the author based the book on his own son’s schizoaffective disorder.

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The film will be produced by Trevor Engelson and Josh McGuire at Underground alongside Disney’s Justin Springer (Dumbo). Alison Erlikhman will executive produce.