Hellraiser TV Rights Acquired By IT Producers

Hellraiser TV Rights Acquired By IT And Ready Player One Producers

Deadline has brought word that IT producer Roy Lee and Ready Player One producer Dan Farah have teamed up and acquired the small screen rights to the long-running horror franchise Hellraiser for its first foray into the TV world.

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While the duo acquired the rights from Lawrence Kuppin, David Salzman and Eric Gardner, the film rights are held separately by Spyglass Media Group, who is currently working on a remake with Batman vs. Superman scribe David S. Goyer attached to the project.

Hellraiser originally told the story of an unfaithful wife who attempts to assist her dead lover in his escape from hell. Pinhead is the notable villain and one of the movie’s demons called Cenobites. The horror character is summoned using an antique puzzle box.

“For generations, [Barker’s] brilliantly twisted and imaginative Hellraiser haunted the minds of moviegoers with its searing imagery of Pinhead,” Spyglass chairman and CEO Gary Barber previously said. He also added that Goyer was the right storyteller to reimagine Barker’s original vision.

“Having the chance to reimagine Pinhead and the Cenobites for a new audience is a nightmare-come-true. Gary is a true fan as well and we’re committed to making something dark and visceral,” Goyer, whose credits include Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Blade: Trinity, The Unborn, and the upcoming Foundation series for Apple, previously said in a statement.

Lee and Farah’s plans for the small screen adaptation are to expand on the mythology introduced throughout the films, as well as the original story “The Hellbound Heart,” with both an original narrative and anthology format being considered for the series. Buy the original film here!

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Spyglass will finance, develop, and fast track the Hellraiser film reboot for worldwide theatrical distribution. Keith Levine will produce alongside Goyer via the Phantom Four banner. VP of development and production for Spyglass, Chris Stone, will oversee the project.

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