Amazon Comedy Pilot Good People Adds Martin Short to Cast


Amazon's Comedy Pilot Good People Adds Martin Short to Cast

Amazon comedy pilot Good People adds Martin Short to cast

According to The Wrap, Emmy Award-nominated comedian Martin Short has been tapped to join the cast of Amazon‘s upcoming comedy pilot Good People. He joins previously announced cast members Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Greg Kinnear (As Good as It Gets).

Short is set to portray the role of Sacramento University’s Dean Ed Brown. His official character description reads: “The self-satisfied Dean of Sacramento University who has no concept of what’s appropriate. He is of the ‘old guard’ in terms of how he sees the world, and his casual sexism causes constant problems for the Ombudsman’s office.”

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Written by Whitney Cummings (The Roseanne revival) and Lee Daniels (Empire), Good People revolves around three generations of women working in the office of a college that navigates the current cultural climate, the concept of feminism across different generations, and the struggle to reconcile socially constructed ideas with current ethical views regarding complex issues such as sex, race, class, and gender.

Kudrow will play Lynn Steele, the university ombudsman, a frustrated, outspoken individual who finds herself being seen as out of touch by millennials, even though she has been a champion of women her entire career.

While Kinnear has been cast as the charismatic philosophy professor Dr. Paul Keating who will causing problems for ombudsman Lynn Steele (Kudrow) and Hazel Miller (Cummings) because of his unorthodox teaching methods and refusal to acquiesce to “PC” rules.

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Kudrow will serve as executive producer alongside Cummings and Daniels, who will also direct the series. Amazon Studios in partnership with Fox 21 Television are producing the pilot.