The Simpsons Has Ben Renewed Through Season 32


The Simpsons has been renewed

The Simpsons has been renewed through season 32

The longest-running primetime series in history won’t be saying ‘smell ya later’ anytime soon. Earlier today at the TCAs, Fox announced that The Simpsons has been given a 31st and a 32nd season, per a report from Variety. The show’s currently in its 30th season, which allowed to break the record previously set by Gunsmoke, which only clocked in at 29 seasons.

Originally created by cartoonist Matt Groening (FuturamaDisenchantment) as interstitial cartoons for The Tracy Ullman Show, The Simpsons debuted as a stand-alone back in 1989. It was an immediate sensation, and in the 30 years since has added countless phrases to the pop-culture lexicon. It stars Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, Julie Kavner as his wife Marge, Nancy Cartwright as Bart, and Herman’s Head’s Yeardley Smith as Lisa — who all have amazing job security.

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While the baby, Maggie, is usually reduced to a simple pacifier sound, Elizabeth Taylor herself once provided her voice in the season four episode “Lisa’s First Word.” That same season she also guest-starred as herself in “Krusty Gets Kancelled.”

Despite near-constant complaints of the show’s decline in quality, The Simpsons still manages to pull in an average 7.5 million viewers per episode across all platforms, including a significant number of viewers who watch it streaming after it airs on Sundays.