Hulu will now run ads when you pause

Hulu Will Now Run Ads When You Pause the Show You’re Watching

Hulu, the streaming platform that specializes in TV, and functions like a DVR for people without cable, is testing a new way for users to experience ads.

Hulu’s newest experiment, Pause Ad, provides a non-intrusive, viewer-initiated ad experience that is both delighting to viewers and effective for brands,” per a statement on their website. The basic gist is that when a user is streaming something on Hulu, and then hits pause, an ad will appear on the pause screen and remain there until the program is resumed.

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The company has already tested the Pause Ad system with brands like Coca-Cola and Charmin, finding that consumers generally preferred ads that were subtle and non-intrusive, and that extensive audio and video when pausing was considered disruptive. These insights led us to take our current approach to pause ads, and the research so far has shown a positive response from viewers.” They plan to fully integrate them by the second quarter of 2019, but only for “select content.”

It’ll be interesting to see how these “non-intrusive” ads go over with its overall subscriber base, as Hulu is generally faulted for being the only streaming service that charges a subscription and includes commercials on its cheapest tier. Whether or not this new method will appeal to users remains to be seen.



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