Camping Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


Camping Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Camping Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Camping, Kathryn’s friends and family joined her on a thoroughly planned camping trip. Camping season 1 episode 2 began with a fun game of flag football.

Ticking Time Bomb

The flag football game went awry when Jandice accidentally knocked over the Jodells’ son, Orvis. Despite being the only one to wear a helmet, Kathryn was convinced that he was hurt. Harry and Nan came across the group and offered to take them to the hospital, and the rest of their group would follow on their own.

At the hospital, Dr. Chang was certain Orvis was fine. Orvis also kept saying he was fine. However, instead of leaving, Kathryn checked herself into the hospital. She wasn’t feeling well, and Walt explained that she would get “phantom periods” after her hysterectomy. Orvis and Kathryn laid in bed waiting to be discharged when Kathryn spoke about her fear and anxiety. In the waiting room, Harry gave Walt some advice about loving someone with crippling fear: “Never put the knife down.”

Messy Approach to Human Interaction

Camping Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

On the way to the hospital, Jandice convinced the rest of the group to stop into town to visit a bar she saw. The group got drunk off of jelly doughnut shots, even Joe, the recovering addict. Walt called from the hospital and asked George to pick up some steaks that Kathryn had pre-ordered.

Jandice wanted to explore the town, and they came across a shop. They looked at a ring that John Cusack supposedly gave to Liz Phair that cost $5,000. Miguel didn’t want to buy it. Instead, the two of them had sex behind the changing curtain, which fell and exposed them. Unfortunately, Miguel forgot his wallet and went back in. He apologized to the shopkeeper and offered to pay for the damage. He reminded Miguel about the ring.

Part of the Problem

Camping Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Joe went to order some bourbon at the bar where Nina-Joy was drinking her rosé. When she helped him, he replied, “Thanks a million, Little Chocolate.” Nina-Joy brought it up to George, who was drunk and angry. He confronted Joe about the name, and Joe reminded him that Sol’s mother was black too. George shot back that he knew that Joe was going through drug withdrawal. Jandice had helped him take the edge off by giving him some oxy. On the drive home, George realized that he had forgotten the steaks. Everyone ate the next morning’s breakfast for dinner.

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