BoJack Horseman Season 5 Episode 7 Recap


BoJack Horseman Season 5 Episode 7

BoJack Horseman Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of BoJack Horseman, BoJack gave a touching, yet painful eulogy at his mother’s funeral. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap BoJack Horseman season 5 episode 7 ‘INT. SUB!’

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BoJack Horseman Season 5 Episode 7

At dinner, Diane’s therapist Dr. Indira, began telling her wife, Mary Beth a story about BoBo (BoJack) the angsty zebra. Diane told Dr. Indira about the tape she had recently acquired, where BoJack talked about nearly having sex with an underage girl (back in season 2). Dr. Indira advised her to distance herself from BoJack and focus on her work. Diane went to visit Flip and found that Flip had mistakenly written a scene that takes place in a submarine, instead of a subway. Mary Beth was a workplace mediator and was having trouble negotiating between Princess Carolyn and Todd.

Carolyn asked Todd to allocate some funding for a private office for her. Todd agreed to sign and then realized that Carolyn stole the last string cheese in the apartment. Back on set, BoJack was angry about having to wait for the script to be written, he continually brought up his recently deceased mother as a way to get what he wants. Mr. Peanutbutter was informed by Gina that all of his family members had died, and not gone to a ‘farm’ like he was told. Mr. Peanutbutter was immediately comforted by all members of the crew. Todd related the string cheese incident to Mary Beth.


BoJack Horseman Season 5 Episode 7

BoJack barged into Dr. Indira’s office and demanded that she stop treating Diane. BoJack ended up having an hour-long therapy session with Dr. Indira and mistakenly believed that she was his new best friend. BoJack went back to set and demanded that Diane stop seeing Dr. Indira, but Diane insisted that she needs therapy as does BoJack. BoJack went back to Dr. Indira and had another therapy session. Princess Carolyn admitted to taking the string cheese, but Todd angrily took the matter to arbitration.

In the writer’s room, Diane helped Flip write some of the script, and made some concrete changes to the plot. As he was leaving set, BoJack accidentally told Diane a piece of advice that Dr. Indira had told him and Diane immediately recognized it. BoJack went back to Dr. Indira’s office for another therapy session. Diane barged into the session and she terminated her treatment with Dr. Indira.


BoJack Horseman Season 5 Episode 7

BoJack then left Dr. Indira’s practice as well. Back at the apartment, Todd and Princess Carolyn started to divide up the apartment until Mary Beth called and explained why Carolyn couldn’t have stolen the string cheese. Todd then signed the paperwork giving Carolyn her own office. BoJack then angered Diane by observing that they are very similar people. Diane busily wrote a script, and handed it out. As they filmed the scene, BoJack quickly realized that it was a direct transcription of the audio tape that Diane had heard.

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