Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 9 Recap


Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

This week’s installment of Better Call Saul started off with Jimmy and Kim on top of the world. In last week’s episode, Jimmy and Kim pulled off an elaborate con to keep Huell out of prison. It turned out that Kim has a taste for the con, she rekindled her relationship with Jimmy before telling him she wanted to do it again. At the beginning of Better Call Saul season 4 episode 9, Jimmy and Kim showed off what they can do when they’re on the same page.

Baby’s First Con

After driving out to Lubbock, Texas, Kim went out of her way to check on a Mesa Verde expansion. She presented herself as a single mother with an assist from her idiot brother as played by Jimmy. Kim and Jimmy acted as if he had left her child in a car, while leaving the original plans to be damaged. The clerk sympathized with Kim and allowed her to swap the plans, unaware that the new plans had an expanded building.

Later, the couple celebrated together, and Kim said they should only do this “for good.” Jimmy pointed out that risking her career for a Mesa Verde expansion didn’t exactly fit her own description of “good.”


Lalo and Nacho visited Hector in his convalescence home, and the backstory of Hector’s bell was revealed. Nacho was dismissed while Nacho consulted with Hector about Gus. Afterwards, Nacho hinted that Hector wanted “to kill everyone,” as he always does. Sometime later, the pair went to Los Pollos Hermanos and waited for Gus to come out. Gus flashed a look of annoyance at Nacho before he and Lalo privately spoke in the office. Although Lalo was charming and engaging, Gus was clearly unhappy to see him.

Man on the Run

The construction of the super lab faced a major hurdle when the German crew prepared to demolish a large rock structure. Werner was clearly nervous as he examined the wires and connections after detecting an issue with the detonation. Werner needed several seconds to compose himself before he finished the job. After a successful detonation, Mike approached Werner, who asked for a weekend to return to German and visit his wife. Mike gently declined, but allowed Werner a long phone call to his loved one.

Unfortunately for Mike, Werner wasn’t satisfied with a long distance relationship with his wife. Werner figured out how to briefly evade the warehouse security systems, and escaped on foot.


Jimmy’s big day arrived, as he prepared to get past the hearing that would make him a lawyer again. Although Jimmy seemingly did well, he was shocked to learn that the committee thought that he was insincere. Kim fielded a frantic call from Jimmy and met with him at the top of a parking structure. She was incredulous when Jimmy told her that he didn’t even mention Chuck at the hearing. Kim and Jimmy got into a viscous argument as they lashed out at each other. When Jimmy insinuated that Kim was kicking him while he was down, she told him that he is always down.

Broken and defeated, Jimmy arrived home hours later and silently packed his bags. Before he could finish, Kim approached him and he apologized for ruining everything. Kim asked him if he still wants to be a lawyer, and Jimmy said “yes.”

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