The Good Place Season 3 Episode 1 Recap


The Good Place Season 3 Episode 1

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

In the previous season of The Good Place, Elenor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani, with the aid of Michael and Good Janet, escaped the Bad Place and sought out the Judge. As a result of her judgement, the four were sent back to Earth to live out the rest of their lives, as if they hadn’t died, in order for Michael and The Judge to get a true reading on each person’s goodness. What does this first installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap The Good Place season 3 episode 1 ‘Everything Is Bonzer!’

Gateway to Earth

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 1

Michael went to meet with the Doorman, Michael was granted permission to visit Earth and he went and saved everyone from dying. He observed that after a few months, everyone was falling back into their old habits. Michael conspired to re-visit Earth and push Elenor to visit Chidi in Australia and it worked. Eleanor asked Chidi to become her moral guide and he agreed to that.

In a flashback, Chidi went to the library and the college he worked at to find books to use for his newest thesis paper. As he was walking through the library, he stopped and asked a librarian about the number of books he could check. The librarian was Michael, Michael told him to agree to help the next person who asked him.

Tracking Techniques

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 1

Meanwhile, back in the Bad Place, Shawn had a group of demons working on hacking their way into the Judge’s system. The goal was to find Elenor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani and bring them back to the Bad Place. Chidi had begun teaching Elenor ethics (mirroring their lessons from season 1). Elenor managed to get Chidi to ask out a fellow teacher, Simone. Michael returned to Earth to get Jason and Tahani together and to get them to go to Australia. During Michael’s departure, Shawn found the activity and gained access to the Judge’s systems.

Chidi came to the realization that the only thing that he and Elenor had in common was a near-death experience. Chidi decided to focus his new thesis on the effects of near-death experiences on moral decision-making. He put out an ad and this attracted Tahani to Australia as she wanted to join Chidi’s study.

The Study

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 1

Tahani related the last year of her life, after her near-death experience. She had given up her worldly possessions and went to a Buddhist monastery. She then wrote a book and Michael visited her and showed her the error of her ways. In a effort to help more people, Tahani decided to join Chidi’s study. Michael then visited Jason and managed to convince him to go to Australia to run a dance-crew and find meaning in his life. Trevor, one of Shawn’s main demons, arrived and joined the study group. 

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