Insecure Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Insecure Season 3 Episode 7

Insecure Season 3 Episode 7

In the previous episode of HBO’s Insecure, Molly was hesitant about dating Andrew, and Issa realized Nathan was avoiding her. In Insecure Season 3 Episode 7, Issa obsessed over Nathan while working on her block party project, and Molly gave Andrew a shot.

The Perfect Precedent

Molly went out with Andrew. She admitted she was embarrassed about how forward she was at the music festival. She told him she had a big presentation that would hopefully redeem her for what happened that weekend. However, Taurean had to postpone the presentation. Molly had just found a good precedent for the case they were working on, but Taurean wanted to look at it first. When her boss came around, she suggested going with the presentation anyway.

On her next date with Andrew, he jokingly brought up Molly’s affair with Dro. She took it personally and left. When they next spoke at his house, he was angry she left him at the bar, and she felt there was nothing she should apologize for.

Stalker Account

Insecure Season 3 Episode 7

Issa still hadn’t heard from Nathan. For three days, she woke up after dreaming her teeth had fallen out and constantly thinking about him. Even as she worked on the pitch deck for her block party, her mind raced about him. Issa stalked his Instagram, even employing her friends’ special account.

Things came to a head, and she dragged Molly to Andrew’s house. Molly would be bringing him pastries so Issa could see if Nathan was there. He wasn’t there, so she snuck into his room to snoop. Molly caught her trying to guess the password to his computer, and she dragged her out of there. Issa confessed that Nathan had made her feel better about herself and that she worried no one would make her feel that way again.

Safeway Sushi

Insecure Season 3 Episode 7

Lawrence told Chad he wanted to try going to church. Chad was won over by the preacher’s message, but Lawrence was still doubtful. However, he met Deniese after the service, and they went on a date. She explained that there was a hidden message in the sermon; pop culture was just how the preacher related to young people.

Issa went to an entrepreneur workshop that Lawrence recommended. Afterwards, they went out for coffee. They reminisced about their old apartment, and Issa confessed how hard it was for her after she moved out. Lawrence told her about going to church, and Issa suggested that he go to another one that was right for him.

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