The Deuce Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


The Deuce Season 2 Episode 3

The Deuce Season 2 Episode 3

In the previous episode of HBO’s The Deuce, Harvey and Lori were nominated for AFAA Awards and were headed to Los Angeles. The Deuce season 2 episode 3 began with Lori discovering that C.C. was afraid of flying hours before their flight.

Who You Are

C.C. stayed behind while Lori went to LA on her own. She was enamored with the city and the respect she was getting there. Lori met a porn actor and talent scout, Greg Taylor, who encouraged her to stay in LA. Lori came back to New York with her Best Supporting Actress award. When C.C. remarked how much she would be able to charge now, she told him she would no longer be tricking. He smashed her award on the wall and told her not to forget who she was.

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The Deuce Season 2 Episode 3

Harvey won his Best Director award. Before it was announced, he acknowledged how much Eileen had contributed to it. While Eileen was in town, she pitched her Little Red Riding Hood idea to investors. She wanted investors from LA since it would be financed by the mob in New York, and she wanted it to be legitimate. He referred her to Alex Pullman from a studio. When she pitched him, he assumed she would be acting in it too. But she told him she would be directing from behind the camera. He didn’t think anyone would be interested in that, but he offered her $10,000 if she gave him a blowjob. She agreed.


The Deuce Season 2 Episode 3

Abby met with Dorothy who was doing outreach work for prostitutes. Her group provided medical services and legal aid. They were working with a woman named Arlene who had a criminal case against her. She met Arlene’s lawyer, Dave, who told her that decriminalization was the goal. Dorothy asked if C.C. was still there, and Abby said yes. When Arlene went to introduce herself to the women at the corner, Dorothy stayed behind.

Dave was sitting at Abby’s bar when C.C. came in. Dorothy walked out of the bathroom and confronted C.C. When he called her “Ash”, she affirmed that her name was Dorothy, and he left.


The Deuce Season 2 Episode 3

Paul went to Vincent for a loan to open up his new place. He didn’t want Rudy involved. Vincent told Rudy, who gave him his blessing.

Rudy met with the other mob bosses in town. One of the other parlors was charging too little and had underage girls working there. They bristled at his complaints, since their territories were theirs. Rudy warned Vincent that Midtown could be a problem for them. Paul’s new place would be in Midtown, and Vincent should convince Paul to reconsider.

Frankie was in trouble for taking money again. He ended up winning a laundromat with it. It happened to be in Midtown too, spelling potential trouble for him. A mob war was brewing, especially when the parlor down the street from Rudy’s was suddenly up in flames. But their way of life was in jeopardy, since the Times Square clean-up was fueled, not by morals, but by money. The mob’s domination of the Deuce meant lost tax revenue.

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