Maniac Season 1 Episode 10 Recap


Maniac Season 1 Episode 10

Maniac Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Maniac season 1 episode 10 explores the aftermath of the NBP drug trial that concluded disastrously in the previous episode. Surprising everyone, the odds emerge from the effects of the C phase alive and relatively unharmed. As the participants collect their payments on their way out of the building, James and Fujita are summoned to the top of the building to accept a verbal berating from the disembodied Yoda.

“Can I Give You a Lift Somewhere?”

Maniac Season 1 Episode 10

GRTA is gone and James’ life work has been destroyed. The drug trial is shut down. James and Fujita are fired. Greta is going to sue the company for using her likeness in GRTA’s programming. Nonetheless, James makes an attempt at reconciliation with his mother by inviting her to lunch sometime. Greta shoots him down, stating that she is going on a book tour to all seven continents and won’t be back for a long time. James’ attempt at reconnecting with Fujita goes much better, as the two embrace in the elevator on the way to the parking garage. In the end, the pair head off to explore a new life together.

“My Mind, It Doesn’t Work Right”

Maniac Season 1 Episode 10

Outside, Owen approaches Annie and tells her that he won’t be following up with her. She rebuffs him, just as she did upon awakening from the C phase. Owen goes on to take the stand in his brother Jed’s defense at trial, in spite of his misgivings. Presented with evidence of his brother’s crime in court, Owen comes clean, stating that he is lying and that Jed is guilty. Jed makes good on his promise and poses as Owen while making threats to politicians and sending anthrax in the mail, which results in Owen being locked in a private mental institution. When the therapist asks Owen why he never tried to talk to Annie, Owen says that the options are that either she isn’t real, which would be bad, or that she is real, that they’ll become close friends, then one day he’ll get frustrated and drive her away, and that would be heartbreaking.

“I Don’t Accept It Anymore”

Maniac Season 1 Episode 10

Annie goes back to her father’s house and lays her soul bare. She can no longer do this alone. She doesn’t blame him for withdrawing when Annie’s mother left, and she doesn’t blame him for hiding himself away after Ellie–the wrong one–died. But she can’t accept him leaving her to face the world alone anymore. Her father, Hank, answers Annie from inside the house, not in his contraption in the back yard. The two discuss what Annie went through during the trial. Her father asks Annie why she didn’t try reaching out to Owen. Annie says that no matter how much she tried to push him away, Owen kept trying to protect her, and she doesn’t understand that. Her father says that Owen was acting like a friend.

Annie practices what she’s going to say to Owen when she goes to see him. That’s when she finds out that Owen has been committed to the institution. Posing as a visitor, Annie confronts Owen, who says it would be easier if she wasn’t real. Annie brings Owen a change of clothes and busts him out of the institution, because that’s what friends do. With the guards chasing them, Owen and Annie escape and head to Salt Lake City to start a new life together.

If Netflix cut you off during the credits at the end of the show, know that there is a final mid-credits scene that, while not integral to the story, is a nice little nod to the fans.

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