The First Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The First Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The First Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s The First, Denise finished the painting of her mother and did drugs at a rave. The First Season 1 Episode 6 began with Denise waking up in jail.

“Confidence Is an Attitude, Not a Fact”

Denise called Laz to bail her out of jail. Laz took her home, and Denise went straight to bed. As she slept, Laz made soup and spoke to a reporter on the phone. He was supposed to interview her at the office. She made an excuse that she threw her back out, but he didn’t buy it. Laz wanted to get straight to discussing the MAV malfunction. He asked more personal questions at first like if she was happy and where her seed money had come from.

When she got home, she invited the reporter over. She would be posing for pictures to go with the article. She confessed that her seed money had come from her sister who was a model, which embarrassed her.

Coin Toss

The First Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The reporter agreed to observe a test of their solution to fix the MAV. Eitan and Aiko were doubtful the test would work in front of him since the success rate was low. When they performed the test, it didn’t work. The reporter questioned why Aiko would go to Mars if her chances of coming back weren’t that much better than a coin toss.

Laz proposed cranking up the voltage to show how the test was supposed to work. It was to engender belief in the reporter that it could work if they had more time. That test provided the spark that was supposed to happen in the first test.

Just Listen

Hagerty was in the middle of a training exercise when he found out about Denise. He left, but only after assurances from Kayla that it wouldn’t be like last time. When he got home, Laz was still there. Her back pain was actually starting to act up in between her calls with the reporter. While looking for her painkillers, she couldn’t find her bag at first, and Hagerty assumed that Denise had taken it. He frantically banged on the bathroom door during her shower, but Laz found her bag.

Denise and Hagerty had a discussion about whether he should quit for her or not. He insisted he could, but she did not want him to resent her. She compared his fear that she would die of an overdose the fear that she and her mother shared about Hagerty dying in space. Their discussion turned into an argument when she refused to go back to rehab. She insisted she wanted to stay with Myk, her sponsor, but she had been doing drugs with her at the rave. Laz offered for Denise to stay in her guest house for a few days, and she took it.

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