Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9 Recap


Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Iron Fist season 2 episode 9 begins with Danny taking Colleen to the subway maintenance room where Danny used to go every night to punch things with the Fist. Danny explains that he reasoned it away as keeping watch on the neighborhood, but he really just wanted to use the Fist. That’s why he asked Colleen to take the power in the previous episode. Colleen refuses.

“The Day Is Young”

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9

Davos knows that Joy helped BB steal the bowl. He confronts Joy about it, hoping to learn the bowl’s whereabouts. Joy is defiant. She pays for her treachery when Davos pushes her over the second floor railing onto the cement floor below. Eventually Joy awakens in a pool of her own blood. Crawling and dragging herself across the floor, she tries to bribe her way free, but Davos still has plans to make her suffer.

“Nobody Is Born a Hero”

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9

Misty returns with a task force to take down Davos and with the owner of the furniture store, who can shed a little light on how he came to be in possession of Colleen’s family heirloom. Misty and her team converge on the community center, but the fight there is over, so she heads to Davos’ hideout to rescue Joy. There, Misty gets ambushed by one of Davos’ men.

“Shoulders Down. Keep Your Knees Bent. Think About Sunsets”

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 9

Ward provides Walker with her non-redacted military files, which Walker reads then burns. Walker tells Ward that she’s not stupid enough to try and get close to Davos again, so they go visit Turk Barrett and purchase the guns and ammo they need to take out Davos. They arrive at Davos’ hideout in time to save Misty from Davo’s henchman. Ward gets Joy away. Walker knocks Misty out cold.

“We’re Not in K’un-Lun”

Colleen learns that her mother gave away the mystery box as payment for being bought to America, as evidenced by the fact that the woman who paid with the box told a story about the box having belonged to a pirate queen, which is the same story Colleen’s mother used to tell Colleen when she was young.

Danny and Colleen head to the community center to try and stop Mrs. Yang and what’s left of the unified Triads from going to war on Davos. Yang agrees, but Davos and his crew have brought the fight to them at the center. Danny goads Davos into a fight, which Danny uses to get Davos close and inject him with a sedative.

Back at Colleen and Danny’s home, the Crane Sisters prepare the ritual to transfer the heart of the dragon from Davos to Colleen, who has agreed to take on the power. She understands that she can do more to help the city by owning the power of the Iron Fist than she can without that power. Colleen instructs the Crane Sisters to give her a tattoo that is a blend of her family crest and Danny’s scar from Shou Lao.

With her new ink–made from Davos’ blood and a piece of Danny’s flesh–Colleen is set to take the heart of the dragon from Davos when Davos awakens. Using the power in his glowing red fists, Davos interrupts the ritual. Colleen’s hand lights up with a white aura, indicating that the ritual to transfer the power from Davos to Colleen was a success.

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