Ghoul Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Ghoul, we received clues that Ali Saeed is being used by a spirit for nefarious purposes. Let’s find out as we recap Ghoul season 1 episode 3, ‘Reveal Their Guilt, Eat Their Flesh!’

Ghul Time

Ghoul Season 1 Episode 3

Faulad Singh arrived in the interrogation chamber and got to work immediately on Ali Saeed, Nida was left to stand guard outside the chamber. Nida talked to the priest and persuaded him to tell her everything that he knows about Saeed. He stated that Ali Saeed is not a human, but a ‘Ghul.’ Apparently, Ghuls are demons who use fear to control and destroy people.

Singh chained up Saeed and beat him to a bloody pulp. Meanwhile, Commander Sunil received a phone-call, where he was told that Saeed’s body had been found dead in a safe-house and partially eaten. Singh unchained the Ghul and was promptly attacked by it. Singh walked out of the torture chamber and began unlocking the prison cells where all of the terrorists were being kept. Nida noticed this and went to inspect the torture chamber and she found Singh’s decapitated body lying on the floor. The Ghul noticed Nida and began to chase her,  but she pulled the alarm and ran away. Nida informed Sunil about what happened. but he didn’t initially believe her.


Ghoul Season 1 Episode 3

Sunil investigated the holding area and found Singh’s corpse. The major, Laxmi, accused Nida of being the one who killed Singh and freed Saeed. Sunil ordered Laxmi to be arrested, but all of the soldiers in the compound revolted against him and arrested Sunil and Nida. Nida was thrown into a room with the freed prisoners and the priest informs her of the truth of their situation. She realized the mistake she made by turning her father in to the authorities.  A pair of soldiers found the body of a prisoner that has been brutalized to point of being unrecognizable. The priest had been taken over by the Ghul and began to eat all of the prisoners, Nida was able to fight off the Ghul, but she was bitten, which allowed it to take Nida’s form.

Double Vision

Ghoul Season 1 Episode 3

Nida was interrogated by Laxmi, while the Ghul and one of the prisoners, Ahmed, snuck through the facility. The Ghul found its way to Sunil’s office. Nida managed to use her training to disarm and overcome Laxmi, while the Ghul attacked a soldier searching the office. Laxmi revealed to Nida that the Ghul had been asking for Nida since it was captured. Sunil shot and killed Laxmi as she was attempting to kill Nida.

Sunil also revealed that Nida’s father is the one who summoned the Ghul. Nida and Sunil decided to go rescue Ahmed. The pair reach Sunil’s office and found a group of soldiers along with Ahmed. Nida learned that her father was found to be innocent, but was ordered to be executed anyway. The Ghul attacked and killed everyone, but Nida and Ahmed were able to escape. They were quickly captured by a group of reinforcements. And that’s where we leave things for the first season.

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