Dreamcasting Lois Lane for the Arrowverse’s Crossover Event


Dreamcasting Lois Lane for the Arrowverse’s Crossover Event

This December, the annual Arrowverse crossover will once again bring The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl together for an extended story. While DC’s Legends of the Tomorrow is sitting out of this year’s event, Ruby Rose is making her debut as Batwoman with a potential spinoff to follow. Tyler Hoechlin is also reprising his role as Superman, and for the first time, the Arrowverse is going to introduce Lois Lane as well.

We should know who’s playing Lois within the next few weeks, since the crossover will be airing in early December. And if we’re being realistic about it, Lois’ role will probably be filled by an actress who doesn’t have a lot of credits to her name. And we wouldn’t be shocked at all if the role goes to someone who was previously cast on a CW show.

Before the official word comes down, ComingSoon has compiled a list of actresses that we’d like to see as the next Lois Lane. Note that since Hoechlin is turning 31 in September, we’ve selected performers who are in his general age range.

Alexandra Daddario

Considering that Alexandra Daddario has largely moved on to film roles, it may not be possible to get her back on TV for a guest appearance. However, Daddario was reportedly one of the finalists to star in Jessica Jones, which suggests she has an interest in the superhero genre. Daddario’s stint on True Detective demonstrated great intensity during her onscreen confrontations with Woody Harrelson’s character. That’s the kind of fire that we’d love to see in our next Lois Lane.

Lyndsy Fonseca

It seems like Lyndsy Fonseca just hasn’t had a big break since her four season run on The CW’s Nikita. Fonseca was relegated to supporting roles in Kick-Ass and Agent Carter, but we still feel that she could easily be a leading lady again. While Lois Lane isn’t always a fighter, Fonseca’s Nikita experience should be helpful for any stunt sequences. More than anything else, we just want to see her back in the spotlight.

Holland Roden

If Amy Adams can portray Lois Lane as a fiery redhead then there’s no reason that Holland Roden can’t do it as well! Roden co-starred with Hoechlin on MTV’s Teen Wolf, and she brought a lot of unexpected depth to Lydia over the course of the series. More recently, Roden had a starring role in the third season of SYFY’s Channel Zero. Roden has the range to handle Lois, and she deserves a shot at bigger things.

Taylor Cole

While she was wildly underappreciated on The Event, Taylor Cole was easily one of the best performers on that series. Since then, Cole’s had a lot of guest starring roles and made-for-TV movies. She also had a recurring parts on The Originals and Salvation, which may help her get on the Arrowverse’s radar.

Hannah John-Kamen

Jenna Dewan portrays Lois’ sister, Lucy Lane, on Supergirl, which means that the Arrowverse producers aren’t likely to pick a woman of color to play Lois. But it’s not impossible. And if it’s even a remote possibility, then we think Hannah John-Kamen would be a great choice to play one of the original comic book heroines. John-Kamen had a terrific turn as Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and she’s currently starring in Syfy’s Killjoys. But if she can find time in her schedule, she’d be a welcome addition as Lois.

Melissa O’Neil

Much like John-Kamen, Melissa O’Neil is largely known for her Syfy series, Dark Matter. While Dark Matter was prematurely ended, O’Neil demonstrated her talent with a multifaceted portrayal of Two/Portia Lin. Lois Lane needs someone who can show several different sides of her personality, and we think O’Neil would be an ideal choice. However, O’Neil’s co-starring role in ABC’s The Rookie may preclude any moonlighting in Metropolis.

Nina Dobrev

After leaving The Vampire Diaries behind, Nina Dorbrev has largely focused on her feature film career. However, she could potentially be lured back to TV for the chance to play Lois Lane. The CW would probably consider that a huge casting coup, considering the ongoing popularity of The Vampire Diaries franchise. More importantly, Dorbrev has the ability to step into Lois’ persona, and it would be a lot of fun to see her in the role.

Michelle Ryan

Why hasn’t Michelle Ryan become a bigger star? After headlining NBC’s reboot of The Bionic Woman in 2007, Ryan hasn’t headlined a series since. She did have a very fun turn as Lady Christina de Souza in one of David Tennant’s last Doctor Who specials, before mashing up horror and comedy in Cockneys vs Zombies. Ryan is overdue for another chance to show off her skills.

Lucy Hale

Unlike on-screen sister, Ryan, Lucy Hale immediately rebounded from The Bionic Woman with a mult-season run on Pretty Little Liars. However, Hale’s CW series, Life Sentence, was condemned to an early grave. Potentially, that could mean that Hale is available for a brief visit to the Arrowverse. We can definitely see Hale as a Lois Lane who can handle the lighter moments as well as the drama.

Claire Holt

If The CW is really interested in bringing in an actress from one of their previous series, then Claire Holt would have to be one of their top choices. She played the fan favorite character, Rebekah Mikaelson, on both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Holt has also transitioned to big screen roles in 47 Meters Down and The Divorce Party. While we’re probably not going to get a blond Lois Lane, hair color is an easy fix. Holt can still pull off the role in every way that matters.

Who do you think should be cast as the Arrowverse’s Lois Lane? Share your picks in the comment section below!

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