Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 10 Recap


Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 10

Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Disenchantment, Elfo was killed, but Bean was able to bring her mother back to life. What does the next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Disenchantment season 1 episode 10 ‘Dreamland Falls.”

The Return of the Queen

Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 10

Bean’s mother, Dagmar, had an emotional reaction to being brought back to life. Bean and Dagmar returned to the castle and caused surprised reactions from everyone in the castle. They went to Zog’s room and a celebration of Dagmar’s return was commissioned to begin immediately. Dagmar and Oona confronted each other in the dining hall, which led to Oona storming out in a fit of anger. 

Dagmar learned of the poor parenting Bean received from Zog. She also learned of Elfo’s role in bringing her back to life and ordered a great funeral for Elfo be carried out as soon as possible. Tess, the giant (S1E7 – ‘Love’s Tender Rampage’) attended Elfo’s funeral and returned the crystal ball, as she couldn’t handle seeing the truth all of the time. Dagmar and Oona continued their passive-aggressive relationship, while Bean delivered a touching eulogy for Elfo. Oona and Dagmar got into a fight while leaving the funeral, which resulted in Elfo’s body being washed away into the ocean.

Sorcerio told Zog that he had to choose between Dagmar and Oona, as only one woman can be queen. The council decided to attempt to kill Oona. Dagmar and Bean continued to bond while Zog found solace in talking to Luci. Oona met with Odval to try and maintain Oona’s hold on the queenship, but Bunty found out. Bunty ran out to warn Bean.


Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 10

Bean returned to her chambers and found Bunty turned to stone, presumably by Oona. Bean ran to Sorcerio for help, but found him frozen as well. Zog was convinced by Bean and Dagmar to confront Oona about these attacks. He locked his son, Derek in the tower until Oona was apprehended. Zog and Odval went to find Oona, while Dagmar stayed with Bean to protect her. Luci consulted the crystal ball and found out that it contains a recording device. Luci used the ball to see what had occurred earlier.

Dagmar and Bean had a conversation about secrets that Bean needed to know. Luci finds Zog and showed him the truth about what happened on the night that Dagmar was turned to stone. It was revealed that Dagmar had poisoned the wine in order to turn Zog to stone. Luci also revealed the secret passageway where Bean and Dagmar where currently hiding. Dagmar threw Zog down the stairwell and sent magic goo after him. Dagmar convinced Bean that Oona was attacking, while the goo turned everyone in Dreamland to stone. Bean and Dagmar jumped into the ocean and boarded a ship which set sail for Dagmar’s homeland.

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