Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 7

Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix‘s Disenchantment, Bean partook in a diplomatic trip to Dankmire. Let’s find out what happens next, as we recap Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 7: ‘Love’s Tender Rampage!’

The Den of Wonders

Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 7

Bean, Elfo, and Luci were out drinking at The Flying Scepter. They attempted to go back to the castle before they pass out drunk, but they only made it out into the street. The plague patrol mistakenly picked them up and threw them into the plague pit. The pit was set on fire and Bean, Elfo, and Luci escaped up a ladder on the side of the pit. They headed to a place known as the Den of Wonders.

Inside the Den of Wonders, they began to inhale a drug known as Bliss. Elfo began talking about his girlfriend. Luci and Bean doubted the existence of this girl. The group then began to hallucinate due to their inhalation of the drug. They hallucinated seeing Elfo’s girlfriend.

The Quest Begins

Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 7

Luci continued to doubt the existence of Elfo’s girlfriend, but Bean had begun to believe in her existence. Bean contracted the knights of the kingdom to go find this girl and bring her back to the castle within three days, as that is when the royal ball was set to happen.

The knights sang a song as they go on their quest, through the Valley of Scorpions and Avalanche territory. Later, the knights have returned and have brought Elfo’s girlfriend back to the castle. Elfo, obviously didn’t know this woman, but played along with it. King Zog put her down in the Cheese Caves and Elfo was put in there with her by Bean.

Prince Merkimer (who had been turned into a pig – S1E3 ‘The Princess of Darkness’ ) seeked advice from Luci. Luci contacted a crystal ball to see if there were any woman who wanted to go to the ball with Merkimer. The ball replied with ‘no’.

Elfo was released from his imprisonment with the giant and Bean took Elfo and the giant, Tess,  on a date. Tess vomited a horse and saddle up and so she was now able to talk. Elfo convinced her to pretend to be his girlfriend for the royal ball in exchange for restoring her lost eye.

The Royal Ball

Disenchantment Season 1 Episode 7

Luci continued to give Merkimer dating advice but it was to no avail, none of the women were interested in Merkimer. Elfo seeked out Luci for help finding a replacement eye. They consulted the crystal ball again which responded with another ‘no’. Elfo stole the crystal ball and gave it to Tess as her new eye.

Tess’ new eye allowed her to see the true nature of each and every person in the ballroom, and she revealed the truth about everyone. She then got upset that all of the people in the room thought that she was an ugly, rampaging beast. She then escaped from the castle with the help of Bean, Elfo, and Luci. Bean led everyone into the Den of Wonders and got everyone high, which caused them to leave Tess alone. Tess left with Merkimer. but threw him back into kingdom after he insulted her within the first few minutes of their departure. Bean then kissed Elfo, but it was excused as only being done because both parties were high on Bliss.

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