Lodge 49 Season 1 Episode 1 Recap


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Lodge 49 Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Lodge 49 premiered with mystery and even more wackiness. The show follows Sean, a man who suffered an incident which made it impossible to enjoy his favorite pastime. Sean drifted among life before finding a fraternal lodge. One that offers both cheap beer and philosophies. Let’s officially meet Sean!

Sean ‘Dud’ Dudley

Lodge 49 Shaun

Sean was a treasure hunter, in the sense that he used a metal detector on the beach to find trinkets and pocket change. On the beach, he found a ring that curiously had the emblem of a Lynx. At a pawn shop, he attempted to trade the ring for a gold watch. The owner couldn’t offer him anything for the ring and said it was worthless. He offered to open a line of credit for Sean, but he turned the offer down due to exorbitant interest rates.

Ernie ‘Bad Bet’ Fountaine

Lodge 49 Ernie

Ernie purchased some vials of unknown medicine from an apothecary for his cat. Revealed to be a salesman, Ernie is in talks to finalize a deal with a plumbing company. Back at Ernie’s apartment, he answered a knock on the door, only to find a large and muscled man who took his TV due to the numerous debts he had yet to pay. Ernie then spent a night playing Scrabble with Connie. He began to rant to Connie about how he doesn’t have anything to show for what he’s done the past 10 years. He also bemoaned his financial security.

The Golden Watch

Lodge 49 Yellow Jeep

Having a moment to himself after breaking into his old apartment, Sean examined the Lynx ring for a few seconds before eventually dozing off. He then saw a snake slithers across the floor that moved to bite him, but not before he woke up and realizied it was a nightmare. Sean then decided to go swimming in a random family’s home and began to have memories of swimming with his family. In the memory, his dad and sister were about to jump into the pool. Before the pool jump, Sean’s dad takes off the same gold watch that was at the Pawn Shop owner’s store. All of this was interrupted by the owners of the pool pulling Sean out with a pool net. Later, Sean was driving around town when his car broke down right in front of a building which was adorned with various Lynx crests.

The Carpet Cleaner?

The door was ultimately opened by Ernie, who mistook Sean for a carpet cleaner. Sean showed him the Lynx ring, and Ernie casually said he’ll ask around and see exactly who the ring belongs to. Sean then asked if he can check the place out and Ernie reluctantly complied. When Sean asked if he could join the Lodge, Ernie replied that anyone can join if they try hard enough. Ernie informed Sean that it is a typical community service group which has an alchemical philosophy. Sean then spent time with his sister, as the two argued about how they’re going to be able to pay back their father’s debts. Sean ended up considering that his membership with the lodge will be the thing that opens up possibilities to pay off those debts.

The Fool

Lodge 49 bar

Sean went back to the Pawn Shop owner and borrowed $2,000. Sean ended up at the Lodge as the bartender welcomed him, offering him free booze as well as some free philosophy. While taking a restroom break, Sean noticed a Tarot card for The Fool before he goes back out and gave the background of his life to a group in the Lodge. He revealed that in Nicaragua he had been bitten by a snake and that his father drowned while surfing. According to Sean, he was meant to be at the lodge because he found the Lynx ring and his car randomly broke down in front of the lodge. Sean then gave Ernie the $2,000 he had taken out as credit. As the two poured out drinks together and the camera revealed an emblem of a knight and a squire fighting a snake.

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