10 TV Show Revivals We Want to See

10 TV Show Revivals We Want to See

Chances are, by the time you’re done reading this, another old TV show will have been greenlit for a revival or reboot. Maybe even from this list. With the recent success of Roseanne, and the already-announced She-Ra, Murphy Brown, and Charmed revivals going forward, it seems no show is off limits. But shows shouldn’t just be brought back for nostalgia purposes. There should be a point. They could answer questions, revive a career or two, or just continue a beloved story. Most shows are a product of their time, and a show should stand on its own merits and be just as timely now as when it was the first time it ran. So, for the simple sake of consideration, we’re taking a look at a few shows which would be welcomed back with open arms. A few of these will definitely contain spoilers of season finales and such. You have been warned.

3rd Rock From the Sun

Starring John Lithgow, French Stewart, Kristen Johnston, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, and Jane Curtin, this show — about a team of extra-terrestrials sent on an observation mission to Earth and disguised as a mid-western family — was great. It ran from ’96-’01, and presented wonderful writing and performances every week. To bring back one of the funniest casts of all time would be a challenge, but oh so worth it. The Solomons could find a new reason or assignment to come back to Earth. Perhaps they escaped their home planet and are being hunted by The Big Giant Head? Maybe Dick just can’t forget the love of Mary and must return. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Tommy would have to be retired by now, which could be a great running gag. Think Frank from Always Sunny…, but in a 37-year-old body. It would be worth it just to get Jane Curtin back to continue to prove she’s one of the funniest actors of all time. So far, there has been no word of a revival of 3rd Rock.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

With the recent success of Ash vs Evil Dead on STARZ and Westworld on HBO, it’s time to bring Bruce Campbell back to the West. This was a short-lived 1993 show about a Harvard-educated bounty hunter searching for the people who killed his father, and dealing with an entirely other plot involving a mysterious object known as “The Orb.” The time is perfect for this crazy serialized old-west sci-fi mashup. Seeing what they can do in The Orville, FOX could give this show the budget it so richly deserved. While the first season technically never finished, the second season would’ve seen Bruce’s Brisco as a sheriff in a small town, still dealing with the going’s on of the mysterious “Orb” and getting into other adventures. Why not do that, just years later? Much like AvED, throw his character back into his old life. Time travel was a part of the original series, so there’s any number of things they could do. Most of Campbell’s characters are lovable buffoons. It would be nice to see him step back into one of his more straight, leading man roles. We all know Ash hasn’t lost a step, so let’s get Brisco back on the horse.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Let’s be honest, the world needs Captain Planet right now. The original show ran from ’90-’96 and saw the earth-mother Gaia summoning the Planeteers together to help solve world pollution issues. Occasionally, they could summon the superhero, Captain Planet, to help clean up major ecological disasters. The idea of modern remakes being gritty, realistic, and dark has become a cliche, but it would work for this. A new generation of Planeteers could come together to resurrect the green hero. In fact, you could start the series out with new kids finding the rings, meeting Gaia, summoning the hero, and finding out that he’s too weak to change anything himself. The world has suffered too much. Rather than having this mystical mulleted being cleaning up after our mistakes, every episode could show us how to do it ourselves (beyond the friendly reminders of the original series). It could teach us how to limit our wastefulness and our carbon footprint. Eventually, the Captain would start to gain back his power. It would be depressing, but it would be a swift kick in the pants we desperately need.


With the recent announcement of Animaniacs possibly making a return to Hulu, this cartoon comedy gem from the ’90s should be reconsidered. It was and is absolutely hysterical. Dexter Douglas, a computer nerd was zapped into cyberspace and became the superhero, Freakazoid. But, that’s never really been what the show is about. There are super villains, and they do engage the hero, but the whole thing is more of a sketch show. If still made through Warner Bros., just imagine what a crossover with the Justice League could be like. We could see the mythology surrounding the character. He got his powers from the internet. As the internet has grown, do his powers? Oh, who are we kidding? It would just be a wonderful excuse to rip into modern-day celebrities and social conventions. In fact, just go full-on Adult Swim with it. Not to say that it needs to be made an entirely adult cartoon (it already walked a fine line), but it would be well received as such.

The Kids in the Hall

Because why the hell not? In case you’re too young to remember, this Canadian sketch show ran from ’89-’95 and since it was on HBO here in the states, it got away with things Saturday Night Live just could never do. Created by, and starring Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson, it was funny then and is funny now. McKinney himself became a cast member of SNL. The cast still tours together, doing new material. Bring them back for a quick season of sketches. Their most recent miniseries, 2010’s Death Comes to Town, was a departure from their usual sketch comedy format, but still had the gang play all the major characters themselves, and was just a reminder that they still play well together. Even just eight to ten episodes on Netflix would be worth it, much like the revisited W/ Bob and David.


Would just one more season really be such a problem for Adult Swim? This show, which was almost obnoxious in the first few episodes, grows on everyone who watches it. By the time you make it to season four, you’re sucked in. The term is thrown around a lot, but this show is indeed EPIC. For anyone keeping up with the adventures of Dethklok, there is so much that still needs to happen. The Doomstar Requiem was an operatic beginning of the end. There’s too many questions that need answering. Is William Murderface corrupted? Magnus Hammersmith sacrificed himself for the prophecy and Dethklok now have the power of gods, but to what end? What role does Charles Offdensen now play with The Church of the Black Klok? Any cartoon that presents music this good AND involves Werner Herzog deserves an epic final season. Creator Brendon Small, for years, has said it’s probably not going to happen. The story will eventually be told, perhaps not in cartoon form. As long as there’s an album involved, fine.


Why this ever left in the first place is a downright mystery. Saturday nights on TNT, from 1993 – 2000, host Joe Bob Briggs (who began hosting in ’95) would introduce monster movies of all kinds, sometimes include guests, and pop in between commercial breaks for some quips and silliness. Always at least a double feature! For many, it was an introduction to the classics, like the original Clash of the Titans all the way to the obscure ones like Night of the Lepus. Usually on a theme or genre (sci-fi, slashers, kaiju, etc.) He would have a “Drive-In Total” review filled with the most important aspects of each movie like body count, number of breasts, explosions, drug usage, and any exceptionally brutal kills. If Mystery Science Theater 3000 can make a come back, then surely this can. Briggs still hosts his own live events in New York. Bring him back. In fact, we can all help bring him back. You can sign a petition on Joe’s website to help bring MonsterVision to the streaming service, Shudder TV.

Party Down

This was a two-season (’09-’10) comedy show about a group of people who moved out to Los Angeles to make it big, but ended up working as caterers. Pick up years later. Adam Scott’s Henry has finally had moderate success as an actor, but due to saying or tweeting something insensitive is blacklisted in Hollywood, and has to go back to the catering service, again. Now that Parks and Rec and Glee are over, Adam Scott and Jane Lynch should be available. While most of the cast (including Lizzy Caplan, Ken Marino, and Martin Starr) has gone on to do other things, it would be worth it to bring the gang back for this. Many people attribute the low ratings of this show to the fact it was on STARZ and just didn’t get enough exposure. But, through piracy, the show gained a huge cult following. If they put it on Netflix, it would gain the popularity back and hopefully inspire them to make more.

Salute Your Shorts

With the recent announcement of Clarissa Explains It All being brought back with its original star (Melissa Joan Hart) in the role of the adult, consider this fan favorite. This show was essentially just about a group of kids forming bonds at summer camp while outsmarting their counselor. Despite only being two seasons long (’91-’93), this show went on to have some of the highest ratings of any syndicated children’s show all the way up to 1996. The kids have grown up, and now are bringing their own children to camp Anawanna. Perhaps a couple of them became new counselors? What if the camp were in danger of being demolished or turned into an expensive rich kid’s camp or day spa? (A cliche, now.) What if the entire show was a riff on over-sensitivity between children now, compared to the children of 25 years ago? Or, you go the other way, and show that kids today are in fact smarter and more sane than their silly parents stuck in their old ways. Also, who the hell is Dr. Kahn?

Tales From the Crypt

With the success of Black Mirror and the recently announced Twilight Zone reboot headlined by Jordan Peele, the time is right for this schlocky fright fest to return. M. Night Shyamalan has been trying to bring this classic (’89-’96) anthology series to TNT for a year, now. It’s been stuck in development hell. Apparently, the rights structure surrounding the series is “one of the most complicated… I’ve ever seen in my career” according to Turner Entertainment chief creative officer Kevin Reilly. They’re waiting to hopefully revisit the property after it all gets cleaned up. Too bad, but maybe it’s a blessing, as it should really be on a channel where they can show the gore that needs to be had. Bring hot new stars into fresh stories every week, and see them die in horrible ways. Surely young writers and directors would jump at the chance to work on some of these. Also, bring back John Kassir and his trademark laugh as the crypt-keeper, bad puns and all.

So, are there any other TV shows you’d like to see return? Are you looking forward to any upcoming revivals, or do you think the classics should be left alone? Tell us in the comments section.