NYCC 2017: American Gods’ Yetide Badaki is a Big Ol’ Nerd


NYCC 2017: American Gods’ Yetide Badaki is a Big Ol’ Nerd

While elbow checking the masses at this year’s New York Comic Con, contributing writer Brittney Goudelock and I had a single mission: To interview at least ONE of the cast members of StarzAmerican Gods. As luck would have it, Odin’s lightning struck not twice, but three times in our favor.

We first landed a one-on-one meeting with Yetide Badaki, who plays Bilquis on the show. We were then granted another quickie interview with her during the Digital, DVD and Blu-ray release party of American Gods, Season One (available now) at the Stitch Bar and Lounge. The third interview was with Shadow Moon himself, Ricky Whittle, which you can read all about very soon. Tell us, are you one or the other — Star Wars or Star Trek?

Yetide Badaki: Love them both! My love for science fiction can go for days. We’re talking whole universes, why not enjoy all of them?

CS: You seemed to be in the category of “I love everything!”

Yetide Badaki: For me…it’s like music. When someone ask me what’s my favorite song, I have to say “Whatever removes me at the moment.” Whether it’s physically or emotionally, I feel the same way about science fiction. I’m looking for something new to watch. I want more! More! More! Have you seen the new Blade Runner movie yet?

CS: Not yet! When I get home, my butt’s gonna be at the theater watchin’.

Yetide Badaki: We talked earlier about how I met Harrison Ford. I mean who doesn’t want to meet Harrison Ford? It’s Harrison Ford. I would love to meet a human being who would not want to meet him. I love him. [To Brittney Goudelock] I also love that you’re into Outlander!

CS: I started late. If you have an accent and you look good in a kilt, I’m kind of done. So…

Yetide Badaki: That’s not easy to do! But on top of that, I was also a big fan of [Ronald D. Moore] because I love Battlestar Galactica. That whole story line was ahead of its time. If it was done right now, I think it would have one a lot more awards. But at the time people we’re not taking the genre as seriously as they are today. Ron was actually what drew me to Outlander.

CS: What movie or TV show do you recommend? If you told us to drop everything we’re doing to watch this thing right now, what would it be?

Yetide Badaki: Oh god, the pressure! Drop everything? Well, you know what? I’m not hearing a lot about this show on Netflix called Atypical. It’s really heartwarming, it’s a fascinating story about this individual on the spectrum and everything that goes on around him. I’m very interested in seeing all kinds of different points of view that I have never seen before. I’ve never seen something go into as much depth as this show. I would love for more people to go and watch this show. I, personally, thought it was a really beautiful show. Also, I think people are starting to catch on to AMC’s Into the Badlands. Talk about incredible women who know how to kick ass. I need more people to pick up on that show. It’s amazing. The fight scenes are gorgeous.

CS: We love horror, you and I. if there is going to be remake of a movie, in what flick would you like to see and potentially star?

Yetide Badaki: In a horror movie?

CS: Y’know what? Let me change that. It can be anything, any genre.

Yetide Badaki: Okay, first of going to answer with a horror movie, and then I am going to answer the other one. With horror, I would love to do The Shining. I love Stephen King, and there’s so many cool things to do in his bodies of work. Could you imagine if there was a bit more inclusion in the future movies and TV shows as well? As for a movie remake in general, to be a little greedy and talk about two of them. They are doing another Terminator… I would love to jump in on that! Are you kidding me? As you know Linda Hamilton is coming back, and I would love to be in her world. If I could be just some alternate version of her from an alternate world… You never know… I mean, I would love it. It’s science fiction, anything can happen. Another thing that’s happening is Coming to America, but what if it’s from a woman’s side?

CS: Stop it! [Laughs]

Yetide Badaki: Yaaaaassssss! Yass!

CS: Okay, we just need to put this out there: if Coming to America is happening, put Yetide in it!

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