The 10 Best Power Rangers Monsters


Before the new feature film hits the big screen Friday, March 24, we're taking a look back at the old show for a list of the best Power Rangers monsters. Which of the Power Rangers monsters is your favorite?

Before the new film hits the big screen, take a look back at the greatest Power Rangers monsters

On March 24, Saban‘s Power Rangers are getting their long-awaited return to the big screen. It’s been twenty years since the Power Rangers last had a feature film release in this country, and the new movie is going to not only reboot the original characters, but also the classic villains like Rita Repulsa (played in the new film by Elizabeth Banks) and Goldar. However, it doesn’t seem likely that the film will use many of the signature giant Power Rangers monsters.

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Part of the charm of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the inherent cheesiness of the creatures and the comically-low production values. The original show and its subsequent seasons were created around footage from the various Japanese Super Sentai series; which were pretty ridiculous to begin with. But we have to admit, those shows were pretty imaginative with their monsters. Any inanimate object could potentially become the next big villain, and we loved it. It had no business working as well as it did, and yet it spawned a franchise that is still going on today.

Before the new hits theaters on Friday, March 24, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Power Rangers monsters from the original series. Who knows? If Lionsgate‘s new Power Rangers turns out to be a hit, maybe we’ll see some of them again!

10. King Sphinx

King Sphinx is one of the most popular Power Rangers monsters.

In addition to having one of the show’s most memorable monster designs, King Sphinx earns his place on this list thanks to his prowess as a fighter. Unlike many Power Rangers villains, King Sphinx could actually battle the Rangers to a standstill and he even came close to defeating the Red Ranger (Austin St. John), thanks to an assist from Goldar.

Naturally, it took the Megazord to put King Sphinx down for good. But this is definitely a villain that we’d want to see again, if the producers can avoid the temptation to give him a Goldar-style makeover.

9. Impursonator

The Power Rangers monsters list continues with Impursonator!

Can you imagine Kristen Schaal as the voice of a Power Rangers villain? Because that would probably be Impursonator, a bizarre villain from the original series. Impursonator was literally a purse that was accidentally transformed by Rita (played by Carla Perez and voice by Barbara Goodson), and she took on a life of her own.

While the design for Impursonator wasn’t the show’s finest decision, she was surprisingly resilient to harm… which made her an actual threat. She even stole one of the Zords and used it to battle the Rangers on their own terms. Not many villains have ever managed to do that!

8. Pirantishead

Pirantishead is another of the popular Power Rangers monsters.

There are plenty of cool Power Rangers villains, but how many of them have their own fish-shaped nunchuks/flutes? Pirantishead is in a class all by himself in that regard. He was also one of the few Power Rangers villains who managed to turn the Zords against the heroes; which made him one of Lord Zedd’s signature creations. And yes, Pirantishead was an actual piranha before Zedd got a hold of him.

7. Terror Toad

Terror Toad is one of the sillier Power Rangers monsters.

Terror Toad isn’t memorable for his design or his concept. Instead, he’s probably best remembered for the hilarious visual of the way that he actually swallowed several Power Rangers whole and almost defeated the entire team. Technically, the swallowed Rangers were transformed into energy before placed in his stomach. Still cool, though.

The Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson) was the last Ranger standing to fight Terror Toad, so it was fitting that she got to deliver the fatal blow to him.

6. Mutitus

Another one of the great Power Rangers monsters is Mutitus.

Mutitus was easily one of the most striking villains from the early days of the Rangers, and one of the most powerful enemies as well. Mutitus not only held his own against the Megazord and the Dragzonzord, he also mutated into an even more impressive second form and proceeded to give the Rangers everything that they could handle and more.

5. Face Stealer

The Power Rangers monsters list wouldn't be complete without Face Stealer!

Face Stealer had the memorably creepy ability to live up to his name. Hidden behind his retractable pumpkin face, Face Stealer could literally lick the face off of his victims and store them on his own body. If David Cronenberg ever decides to create a Power Rangers villain, it would probably be like this one.

4. Eye Guy

Why Eye Guy? Read our Power Rangers monsters guide to find out!

If you’ve never been creeped out by characters who have too many eyes, then Eye Guy may cure you of that. Eye Guy was made up almost entirely of eyes, all of which hid his giant eye inside of him. Eye Guy was also one of the few Power Rangers villains to make repeat appearances on the show, and he still weirds us out!

3. Snizzard

Snizzard is definitely worth inclusion on this Power Rangers monsters list.

You may have heard that Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston was once a struggling actor who had two voiceover roles on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Snizzard was one of those monsters, and he’s been the one that has been embraced by fans because he’s got Cranston’s voice.

Much like Eye Guy was all eyes, Snizzard was pretty much all snakes. That included the cobras that made up his arms and legs, as well as the “tonsil snakes” that he used as projectile weapons. But perhaps his most unsettling ability was the way that he could completely unhinge his jaw. Even in this primitive form, Snizzard probably gave young Power Rangers fans more than a few nightmares.

2. Lanterra

Lanterra is another of the best Power Rangers monsters.

It’s really hard to go wrong with a monster created from a lantern, but the way that the mouth of Lanterra was incorporated into his design is really impressive. Lanterra earned his place on this list from style alone, but his memorable visual also stands out among the classic villains.

1. Blue Globbor

The Power Rangers monsters list ends with Blue Globbor.

Despite his ridiculous name, Blue Globbor was one of the most resilient enemies that the Power Rangers ever faced. Even after seemingly being destroyed by one of the Zords, Blue Globbor just kept coming and coming, while assuming new forms to threaten the Rangers. But the thing that made Blue Globbor into a next-level threat was the way that he was linked to Ninjor, one of the Power Rangers’ closest allies. The Rangers weren’t able to strike Blue Globbor without hurting their friend. Now, that’s evil!

Of course, Ninjor eventually struck down Blue Globbor, but we have to salute a villain who could give the Rangers a battle for the ages.

What our your favorite Power Rangers monsters? Let us know in the comments below!

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