Legion Chapter 6 Recap and Preview for Next Week

Legion Chapter 6 Recap and Preview for Next Week

Picking up where we left off last week, all of our mutants are now inmates at Clockworks. Lenny, of all people, is their doctor, and she meets with all of her “patients.” Melanie misses her husband, and Lenny says she created the idea that he was “frozen” so she could maintain the fantasy that he wasn’t dead. Lenny asks Ptonomy about his mother’s death, and he recalls every tiny detail. Cary and Kerry know they are not literally sharing the same body, but who is their extreme dependence hurting? With The Eye, Lenny sees a lot of hostility. Sydney insists that something doesn’t feel “real,” like she is in an uninteresting dream. Lenny is uninterested in what Sydney has to say; she is almost hostile as she dismisses her.

Sydney leaves Dr. Lenny’s office and hears noises coming from a strange door in the hall. It is a dark wooden door, like a bedroom door instead of the medical doors elsewhere. She is called to the nurses’ station without getting a chance to investigate. It’s time for a “spot check,” even though Sydney doesn’t like being touched. Nurse Amy pats her down with sexual aggression. After this, she joins Ptonomy and David, who are watching a poor sap drool, just as David and Lenny did in the first episode. Sydney asks if they have noticed a different door, but she is interrupted by Lenny, who takes David away for their session.

David tells Dr. Lenny he feels good, much clearer. He has found a nice rhythm at the hospital, and the world is starting to make sense. He is in control here. David admits he used to be afraid he would lose it. He talks about his bipolar disorder, how most people talk about the depression, but he is more scared of the mania. “I just don’t want to mess things up now that I have balance.”


Lunchtime, and David is excited for cherry pie. He gets a piece for both he and Sydney, but before he can take a bite, Nurse Amy takes it away from him. Sydney offers to share hers, but Amy says no. David pouts while Sydney takes a bite – then spits it out and tosses it across the room. There were bugs crawling in it (just like the bugs that were crawling on a bowl of strawberries last week in the white room). She and David inspect the pie on the floor; no bugs.

Suddenly we cut to a highly-stylized dance number starring Lenny. Similar in tone to a James Bond title sequence, she shimmies and dances while random snippets from her life (as we have seen thus far in the show) play behind her. Then she is dancing in the Summerland lab, then in David’s apartment, swinging from his noose and kicking things in his trashed kitchen. The dance number over, Dr. Lenny puts her glasses back on and exits through a bedroom door into the Clockworks hallway. She is all business. She stops by Sydney’s room. Sydney is asleep and Lenny blows her a kiss.

Sydney is having nightmares, mixing up David and the potato man in the white room, and thinking about that ominous door. David wakes Sydney the way she woke him in that first episode, climbing into bed with a bolster between them. She asks if he has ever had the feeling that something has happened before, but differently. David thinks she is just talking about deja vu, so she tries a different tact: “Are you happy here?” She dreams of getting out of the hospital, living in the real world, but David is not too keen on the idea. “The doctor says not everyone is built for everyday life. I need the routine. I’m good.” Sydney, however, can’t stay here forever. “Not even for me?” David asks.


The next day, Sydney marches down the hall to confront the strange door – and finds it isn’t there. She visits Cary and Kerry, playing “name the psychotropic drug” checkers. She tells them about her dream, that she is in a room, but it’s not a room, with people she can’t see, and it feels like they are dead but they aren’t dead. Cary says he dreamed of an ice cube. Sydney asks them about the door in the hallway that isn’t always there. Cary rattles off a few different hypotheses about the door, including that it is an alternate dimension, or she is confused. Sydney is convinced she isn’t making it up.

Cary has to go to the bathroom, and asks Kerry to wait outside for him. She does, and is uncomfortable without Cary. Making matters worse is that The Eye is at the other end of the hall, staring at her intently. When she looks, he is gone. Cary surprises her, and they head to bed. The two sleep in separate rooms, right next to each other. Cary tucks Kerry into bed, telling her she can knock on the wall if she gets scared. Cary goes to his room, and the two knock good night to each other. Cary goes to sleep, and almost instantly, his room fills with a crackling light. Oliver’s magic ice cube floats overhead. Cary reaches for it and finds himself on an astral plane, a forest. The man in the diver’s suit is there. Cary, his face now bruised, asks the diver to take him to the ice cube. The diver walks away, and Cary follows.

David is painting and Sydney is reading. He seems to have a significantly bigger, more ornate room than anyone else. Sydney again mentions the door, and that for weeks she has felt that this place doesn’t feel real. She thinks maybe this hospital is a version of reality, but not reality itself. David warns her to be careful, worried “they” will find out and up her meds. “What does that have to do with not wanting to be touched?” she asks. Thus begins a debate where Sydney insists that she is in the hospital for an antisocial personality disorder and he is there for schizophrenia. David believes he is there because he is manic depressive, and she is there for delusional thinking. When she was first brought in, she was screaming and they had her in straps. He insists she is doing so much better. Sydney leaves abruptly.


In the hall, Sydney tries to shake off the weird conversation with David. She sees a weird pulsing boil on the wall and touches it. It bleeds. She gets a series of flashes, of Lenny sealed in the wall, of the white room, the original hospital, etc. Dr. Lenny startles her out of her reverie, chastising her for being up past curfew. She gives Sydney headphones, promising good results with music therapy. Sydney is hesitant, but puts them on. The “music” is crickets, and it seems to have a hypnotic effect on Sydney. Her eyes close, and she falls backwards, floating down the hall, through a doorway, and into a bed. David’s childhood bed.

Kerry sleeps stiffly, and wakes from a nightmare. She raps on the wall, but receives no response from Kerry. She goes to investigate and finds his room empty, the bed not even slept in. The Eye comes in, speaking in ominous lines from fairy tales. Kerry is scared. The Eye shuts the door and approaches the girl, commenting that she is “young, but not too young” as he zips her jacket up. Feeling her forehead he declares she is burning up. Kerry pushes past him, out of the room, screaming for Cary. The Eye watches her go. “You can run, but you cannot hide.”

David is looking for Sydney when he sees the door. He approaches, but Amy appears and tells him no one wants him here. “Your friends only pretend to like you,” she spits, telling him he is a freak, they adopted him because they had to. “It’s all we can do to keep from puking when you are around,” she says before she starts retching. David leaves.


Melanie is kneeling at her bedside, praying. One wall turns to glass, and she sees Oliver, in his dive suit, through it. He waves her to follow, and the glass turns to concrete. She understands and touches the wall. A doorway of light appears and she steps inside. Now she is moving down a dark hallway. At the end is a frozen hatch. She enters, but instead of going into Oliver’s freezer home, she is back in the room with Sydney and David and Ptonomy, with Division 3 shooting at the two lovebirds. The bullets are frozen midair. The diver points to the bullets, then disappears. Melanie tries to pluck the bullet from the air, but it burns her. She next tries to push David and Sydney out of harm’s way, but they don’t budge. Huge eyeballs appear on the opposite wall, as if watching.

Still searching for Sydney, David visits Lenny in her office. They have a session tomorrow, but she encourages him to sit and questions whether Sydney is the right girl for him. She waxes on about how love is chemical, and she thinks of love as a spore that takes over ants and eventually kills them. “What is the point of love, friendships, babies, life?” she wonders. “All that really matters is god, because a god has powers.” Lenny tells David that she knew his dad, his biological dad. “He thought he could hide you from me, but I found you.” She straddles him, and briefly turns into the potato man, terrifying David. “Our powers together, that would be a cocktail!” She says they have known each other since the womb, and grinds against him. “All I need is your body. I could give a sh*t about your mind.”

Suddenly David is sealed in a tight glass box, like a coffin, swirling away into darkness.

Sydney is still asleep in David’s childhood bed. The diver is there and he removes her headphones. The diver removes his helmet, and reveals it is Cary in the suit. He motions for her to be quiet.

You can watch a preview for Chapter 7 of FX‘s Legion in the player below.


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