Legion Chapter 5 Recap and a Preview for Next Week

Cary waits anxiously as Sydney, Ptonomy, and David rush back with Kerry in tow. As Cary works to save her, David telepathically speaks to Melanie. “I met your husband.” The kids clear out of the lab and Melanie comes in to check on Kerry. Cary can’t just reabsorb her; he would go into shock. Melanie tells him that David met Oliver, and she knows he can bring him back.

David sits at the lake and Sydney sits beside him. Cary got the bullet out and stopped the bleeding. She is about to tell him about what they found when they dug around in his past. But David knows what he is. “I’m the magic man.” Suddenly he and Sydney are in a blindingly white room. He tells her he made it and kisses her on the cheek. She tenses, and David explains they are not really touching. On the dock, Sydney’s eyes are closed in pleasure. In the white room, the two kiss passionately.

David and Sydney meet with Melanie in her office. David shows more confidence that he has ever had, almost to the point of being cocky. He knows where they are holding Amy, and he plans to go there in the morning. No amount of reasoning will talk David out of his determination to save his sister, so Melanie, at David’s urging, asks about Oliver. He has been gone nearly 21 years. He found a place he could “rule,” be the creator of, and spent more and more time there. One day, he just didn’t wake up. Melanie asks, hesitantly, if Oliver asked about her. “He remembers very little, I think,” David tells her. Melanie doesn’t want him to take her there; she just wants David to bring him home.

LEGION -- "Chapter 5" – Season 1, Episode 5 (Airs Wednesday, March 8, 10:00 pm/ep) -- Pictured: Jean Smart as Melanie Bird. CR: Michelle Faye/FX

Sydney and David are in the elevator. She is nervous about going to Division 3 tomorrow, knowing they will kill them. “They’ll try,” David says assuredly. She wants to go back to the white room, and they have sex. She tells him about her first time having sex, age 16, with her mother’s boyfriend. Mom passed out and Sydney, ever curious, switched places with her mom. It didn’t last long, and as soon as the boyfriend was in her, she switched back, which led to a lot of screaming. Sydney falls asleep and David retreats into the bathroom, soaked in red light, where he talks with Lenny, who is trying to convince him they have to move now, and have to be fast. Sydney wakes and checks the bathroom, but no one is there. In real life, Sydney is now in the Summerland bathroom, and she looks mighty confused.

Melanie, Ptonomy, and another mutant are trying to come up with a game plan for Division 3. Sydney comes in and informs them that David is already gone, and she thinks he went to D3 on his own. Ptonomy is pissed, thinking that David is being selfish and Melanie is being foolhardy. He accuses Melanie of using him to get her husband back, but she points out that is not it. David is too powerful, and Melanie is terrified of what will happen if D3 turns him. Melanie has noticed that since he came back from his astral plane, something has changed in David. Sydney, almost bragging, tells her that David has found a way for them to be together. Melanie warns her to be careful, that David’s fragile. Sydney points out that David hasn’t been fragile since he came back, and Melanie admits that is what is worrying her.

Melanie, Sydney, Ptonomy, and another guy head to Division 3, and all they find is destruction. Everyone is dead – everyone. Limbs are scattered about; some soldiers appear to have been sealed in the concrete; others are just frozen in grotesque poses. Inside are more dead soldiers. The team splits up and heads down two different hallways. Melanie and “other guy” find a room with lots of computers, linked to the security cameras. Rolling through the footage, they see David waltzing through the compound, enjoying himself as he turns the soldiers to dust with the flick of a wrist or the snap of his fingers. In one particularly worrisome video, which looks like a photo negative, the person doing the killing has the same shape as David’s devilish potato man.


Meanwhile, Sydney and Ptonomy find the cells. Amy is gone, but Kissinger is still there, begging to be let out. David came looking for Amy (who had already been taken to “the room with the big light”), and said he would return to let Kissinger out, but he never did. Sydney and Ptonomy leave Kissinger where he is. Continuing on, they find the old man, the head of Division 3, face down on the floor. He is missing a few limbs, and is in bad shape, but he is alive. “We had it all wrong,” he mumbles. “He took his sister. We knew he’d come. We thought we were ready. So much power.” His next words strike fear in Sydney: “Be careful, he wears a human face.” Blood spills from his mouth, and the dude is dead.

Back at Summerland, Kerry finally wakes fitfully, and Cary is grateful to have her back. He lays on top of her and absorbs her into him. With Kerry back inside, Cary watches some of the footage of David from his first MRI at the lab. There are flickers in the video, and David is seen as both the potato man and a child.

By the time Melanie and her crew are outside of D3, Cary reaches her with some kind of projector video phone, which is somehow both high tech and antiquated. Cary thinks their assessment of David has been wrong, that he does have two personalities, but one of them is a parasite of some kind. Something burrowed into his brain when he was a kid and has been feeding on him ever since. Every time David sees this thing or realizes it is there, the creature makes him forget by rewriting his memory. The power is not all within the parasite. David has power too, otherwise he would be torn apart. Cary suggests it is an older mutant, separated from its body, who has been living inside David for 30 years.


Sydney goes back to her and David’s happy place. Back in the real world, she tells her team that she thinks David went back to his childhood home. They head out, followed by The Eye.

David and Amy have, in fact, returned home. He promises that his “team” will be here soon, but he wanted to talk to her first. She is noticeably nervous, and David wants to know her secret. He can smell it on her. Lenny appears and steps out of a mirror. Amy, now terrified, sees Lenny, feels it when she tries to touch her. In quick succession, Lenny becomes Benny, then King, then the scary illustration. David is still there, apparently having a seizure. But he comes back and again demands to know her secret. Amy finally breaks and admits he was adopted. She doesn’t know from who. Mom and Dad were going to tell him, but he was so upset all the time by his “illness” – which David quickly interrupts to remind her he doesn’t have an illness. Amy knows that, now, but their parents thought it would make things worse.

Melanie and the team arrive at the house. She warns them to be careful, that there is a chance they left the real world, and are now in David’s world. There is a loud ringing, and everything goes silent. No one can hear a thing. They creep into the house, with The Eye watching from a distance. Sydney is frightened as the illustration rushes past her, upstairs. She follows tentatively. Melanie and Ptonomy wait as a door knob jiggles – but it is only Cary. He has built a device that he thinks will isolate David from his “parasite,” allowing them to talk privately. Melanie “yells” at him until Kerry comes out to play – with a spiked bat. They all head upstairs. The Eye follows behind, taking up the visage of the unnamed mutant.


Sydney finds Amy, sitting on the floor. Lenny jumps out, scaring Sydney and throwing her against the wall, next to David. Lenny sits atop David, kissing him violently. Her voice gets scary and she accuses “you people” of putting all these voices in his head. The rest of the group comes in, Lenny disappears, and The Eye reveals himself, shooting. Sydney jumps in front of David and whisks him away to the white room.

In the white room, David cries. He can’t stop it. Out of the bathroom comes the potato devil, and both David and Sydney scream. The demon comes after Sydney, but David is frozen in place. Sydney falls back onto the bed, with the potato man hovering over her menacingly.

Suddenly, all is calm. Sydney is back in Clockworks, sitting in group therapy with Melanie, Cary, Kerry, Ptonomy, David, even The Eye. Lenny is the doctor, and she reminds Sydney that she was talking about how the death of her father affected her. “Ok. Let’s talk,” Sydney challenges.

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