The Walking Dead Episode 712 Recap and Previews for Next Week


The Walking Dead Episode 712 Recap and Previews for Next Week

The Walking Dead Episode 712 recap and previews for next week

Rick and Michonne are searching for guns and supplies. So far they haven’t had much luck (but they have had some good sex). After two days, Michonne wants to go back, but Rick insists they stay out a little longer. While Rick is dozing in the van, Michonne sees a deer. She returns to the van to get her gun, waking Rick in the progress. The deer has disappeared by the time they return for it, and Rick promises her he owes her a deer. They start looking for it – and find something much, much better.

A school, complete with a carnival in progress, became a military outpost. All of the soldiers are now zombies, wandering around. They climb up to the roof of the school to get a better look at things and see that all of the zombie-soldiers still carry their weapons. Michonne shoots at a can-shooting game and when she hits the target, decides they can take them all on. Suddenly the roof collapses, and Michonne and Rick fall through. They are not hurt, though – they giggle, and Michonne thinks it’s a “sign.” Rick points excitedly – there are pallets and pallets of unopened military meals ready-to-eat. That night, they have themselves a candle-lit feast of chili and mac n’ cheese. Once they kill Negan, Michonne points out that it is up to them to reorder the world. Rick points out that each community needs to be involved, but Michonne still thinks someone needs to lead them. She thinks that someone should be Rick. He thinks it should be the two of them together. As far as I’m concerned, that pretty much sounds like a marriage proposal.

The next day, they head out to the carnival and set out a plan. Rick will kill one zombie wandering around a car, then push the car to block a hole in the fence. Meanwhile, Michonne is left to take on eight walkers. “You can handle it,” Rick assures her. And she can. Rick is the one who has a problem, trying to remove a walker that is jammed in the windshield. It takes him three tries, and Rick finally removes him – in three separate chunks. He puts the car into neutral and Michonne pushes while he steers the car. Suddenly they are under fire. A soldier has impaled himself on some spikes, and his gun is caught. Michonne jumps into the trunk and the car coasts… right through the hole in the fence. They overshot it.


The pair make it out of the car and jump over a tiny fenced area, around a kid’s play area. This holds off the walkers long enough that they can kill three of them, but then they run into the carnival proper. They split up, each taking up position behind more sturdy ride gates: Michonne with a giant slide, and Rick with the Ferris wheel. It is a slaughterfest. They pause to catch their breaths and call out their remaining walkers to each other. She has eight; he has ten. But then Rick sees something – the deer. The zombies are unable to get past the barrier, so he climbs the Ferris wheel and takes aim. The wheel gives out, he falls, and is set upon by a flood of zombies. Michonne, finished with her eight, rushes over to help her fallen mate. She hears Rick shooting from behind a wall of walkers, but then the chamber clicks empty. By the time she gets to the zombies, they have descended onto their meal. Michonne drops her sword, consumed with grief. She can hardly be bothered to defend herself when the walkers move towards her.

Now, I don’t know if the producers thought they were actually fooling anyone with this scene, but obviously the zombies were munching on the deer, not Rick. And in case that wasn’t clear, Rick crawls out from a cubby, and throws Michonne her sword like some kind of action movie. She grabs it like He-Man and they kill the rest of the mob before she rushes into his arms. “I tried… I still owe you one,” he says, referring to the deer. The duo pick through the remains, collecting lots and lots of guns. Michonne collapses, emotionally. After stocking the van with as much as they can, they drive off, but Michonne’s dour mood remains. Rick stops the van and turns to her. He admits he hasn’t been sleeping, thinking about what they lost. He is still really broken up about Glenn. Rick promises that they are going to fight the Saviors, but warns that they are going to lose people, maybe a lot, and they might lose each other – but it will be worth it. “I can’t lose you,” Michonne argues, but Rick reminds her that they can lose each other, their friends, the people they love, because it’s not about “us” anymore. It’s about the future.

Meanwhile, Rosita and Tara are both dealing with their own nonsense. Tara can’t decide if she should tell Rick about the community of women she found. She wants them to fight with them, but worries they will just fight against them in the desire to go back to hiding. Rosita is mad at everyone because she didn’t kill Negan when she (maybe) had the chance. She blames Gabriel because she listened to him tell her not to do it.


Rick and the Alexandria team deliver the guns to Jadis. They brought 68 guns, but it is not enough for Jadis. She and Rick negotiate terms, and they finally agree that Rick’s group will go out and find more guns, but they get to keep some of them to defend themselves while they search. Rosita looks pissed. Tara looks worried.

Back at Alexandria, Rick is looking for Rosita. She missed her guard shift. Tara doesn’t know where she is… but she has something to tell Rick.

Rosita missed her shift because she has slipped away to the Hilltop, where she finds Sasha at Abraham’s grave. Rosita is here because she needs Sasha’s help. Sasha knows what she wants and agrees to help, with one condition: “I get to take the shot.” Rosita agrees, and shows Sasha the weapons she brought. She didn’t bring any of the explosives because she didn’t want anyone to notice they were gone. Rosita is annoyed that Rick and Michonne are taking so long to get the attack on the Saviors going. She warns Sasha that it is a one-way ticket for both of them.

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