Nine Popular TV Series with Banned Episodes

Nine Popular TV Series With Banned Episodes

Nine popular TV series with banned episodes

America loves censoring stuff, especially entertainment: the Hays Code; the Comic Book Code; parental advisory stickers on CDs. Television has always come under special scrutiny because it was something that came into your house, and for most of its existence it has been free.

Notoriously, I Love Lucy wasn’t allowed to use the word “pregnant” on air; Maude got in trouble for having an episode about abortion; The Smothers Brothers eventually were cancelled because they wouldn’t tone down their political rhetoric; and All In the Family was in all sorts of trouble for Archie Bunker’s thoughts on women, homosexuals, and African Americans.

In recent years, as society has become more permissive and open-minded, television has broadened its subject matter. But even still, there are some topics and episodes that are too much for some viewers. In the below slideshow, check out nine popular TV series that had specific episodes that were pulled off the air. Can you think of more episodes that were pulled? Let us know if you remember any in the comments below!

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