The Last of Us Changed Bill and Frank’s Relationship for the Better

The Last of Us Episode 3 put the main quest of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) aside for a little while to introduce two new and memorable characters, Bill and Frank. Portrayed by Nick Offerman, Bill is a survivalist ready to do whatever it takes to survive. Things changed after he met Frank, who is played by Murray Bartlett.

What Happened in The Last of Us Episode 3

Thanks to a series of flashbacks that covered different times of his life after the pandemic outbreak, The Last of Us Episode 3 tells the sad story of Bill. A conspiracist before the Cordyceps hit the world, Bill survived the zombie apocalypse by living on his own in his well-defended neighborhood, reinforced with barbed wire, hidden traps, and an electrified fence. After years of isolation, he found Frank in one of his pit traps. Initially reticent, Bill is convinced to offer Frank shelter and a warm meal before parting ways. The pair spent the day together, ending up falling in love with each other and living together.

Bill’s encounter with Frank changed the hirsute man for the better, forcing him to open up to other people. The flashback also showed how Bill and Frank met Joel and Tess (Anna Torv), creating a bond of solid friendship between the two couples, in spite of Joel’s and Bill’s reluctance. Over the years, Frank taught his partner to enjoy the simple things in life, even if it meant exchanging a useful gun for a bunch of strawberry seeds.

After dealing with what appeared to be cancer for some time, Frank decided his time was up. The pair spent a last fancy — as fancy as it could be in a post-apocalyptic world — dinner, Bill helped his partner kill himself by adding drugs to his glass of wine. After they both shared a last drink, Bill informed Frank his wine was poisoned too, confessing he didn’t want to outlive his partner. Frank then asked Bill to take him to their bedroom upstairs, where they both peacefully passed away. Knowing he would follow his partner’s destiny, Bill left Joel a note where he explained his gesture and told his friend to take care of his loved ones.

What Happened to Bill and Frank in the Game

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us had a bleaker take on the two men’s love affair. In the aftermath of Tess’ death, Joel and Ellie asked Bill for help to get a car. The man shared his story with Joel, telling him he once had a partner he looked after. However, things didn’t work out between the two and Frank left as his ex-partner turned into an abrasive and cold person.

The game then revealed Frank got the infection and eventually committed suicide, not before leaving a note full of resentment to Bill, stating that death was preferable to spending another day with him. Unlike in the show, when Joel and Ellie left Bill, he was still alive. The Last of Us Part II also mentioned the character but didn’t go into details about his destiny.


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