Andor Explained: Where Does Preox-Morlana Fit in the Star Wars Canon?

After much anticipation, the Andor series finally debuted on Disney+ earlier today. The show brings back the titular hero and introduces some new characters, including the ruthless Preox-Morlana.

There was a time when Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) wasn’t the notorious Rebel agent audiences saw in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The path that led Andor to turn on the Empire involves the corporation known as Preox-Morlana. Here is some additional information on what is going on in the series. As always, do not keep reading this unless you’ve already watched the first Andor episodes.

ComingSoon spoiler alert

What Is Preox-Morlana?

Preox-Morlana is a corporation that makes its first live-action appearance in the Andor series. The events of the first three episodes of the latest Star Wars show take place in the Corporate Sector, a place located in the Outer Rim Territories. While the series doesn’t directly mention it, the story implies the Empire has derogated the regulation of the CorpSec to a local authority known as the Corporate Sector Authority. Here is where Preox-Morlana comes into play. The first Andor installments clearly show that the corporation acts as law enforcement on Ferrix and Morlana-One.

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The series has already featured several Pre-Mor employees. The one who stood above his peers is the zealous Syril Karn (Kyle Soller), who is looking to make Cassian pay for killing two Pre-Mor people. Even though Pre-Mor employees don blue uniforms and have a look that resembles Imperial officers, they are not formally under the Emperor’s orders. Despite this, the story shows that they might be as cruel as the Imperial officers. Locals also seem to despise Pre-Mor employees as much as they hate the Galactic Empire.

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The Corporate Sector has already played a pivotal role in the Han Solo Adventures novel trilogy. Written by Brian Daley, these books first debuted in 1979. The story sees the titular hero and the ever-present Chewbacca getting kicked out of the CorpSec during their usual misadventures. That part of the Expanded Universe enjoyed solid popularity, with several Star Wars works mentioning it. Still, many of them are now part of the Star Wars Legends continuity and thus not considered canon anymore. Thankfully, hardcore fans can finally see the CorpSec enjoying the attention it deserves.


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