Mandatory Streamers: Mr. Wilford Is Bringing Chaos & Corruption to Snowpiercer Season 2


Mandatory Streamers: Mr. Wilford Is Bringing Chaos & Corruption to Snowpiercer Season 2

Mandatory Streamers: Mr. Wilford is bringing chaos & corruption to Snowpiercer Season 2

Welcome to Mandatory Streamers, our column covering the best new streaming content coming your way every week! For the week of January 25, Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) has arrived on the second season of Snowpiercer, leaving Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) facing a new threat that rattles Snowpiercer to its core. Check out the best shows debuting and returning online this week as well as the latest renewal announcements below, and be sure to visit our mother site Mandatory by clicking here!


Snowpiercer, Season 2 Premiere: Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train, with 1001 cars, that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice, and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation based on the graphic novel series and film from Oscar winner Joon-Ho (Parasite). In the second season, Mr. Wilford returns to Snowpiercer and brings chaos and corruption to the freedom just won at the end of the first season. The Season 2 premiere episode is available to stream now on TNT and Amazon Prime Video. The first season is also available to stream on HBO Max.


Resident Alien, Series Premiere: Alan Tudyk plays Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, a reclusive resident of a small Colorado town whose identity is taken over by an alien that crash lands on earth. When the town’s doctor is murdered, the alien has to put his secret mission aside and take the doctor’s place, helping solve crimes and treat those in town. Based on Peter Hogan’s hit Dark Horse graphic novel, the first episode is now streaming on


Possessions, Series Premiere: When a young French woman living in Israel is accused of murdering her husband on their wedding night, the attaché tasked with helping her friends finds himself irrevocably drawn to the case. The crime drama thriller is created by Shahar Magen, and all episodes from the first season are now streaming.

The Lady and the Dale, Series Premiere: Elizabeth Carmichael, a larger-than-life entrepreneur rose to prominence with her promotion of a fuel-efficient, three-wheeled car known as The Dale. Directed by Nick Cammilleri and Zackary Drucker, the documentary series exploring an audacious 1970s auto scam centered around the mysterious enterpreneur will premiere on Sunday, January 31.

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Réunions, Series Premiere: On one fateful day, Jérémy learns not only who his father is but also that he has a half-brother, Antoine, and together they’ve inherited a hotel on the paradise island of Réunion. Jérémy’s partner, Chloé, is eager to relocate to Réunion and leave behind her debts in France. When it turns out the hotel is nearly bankrupt, can these two very different families come together to save the resort? All six episodes are available to stream now.


Tehran, Season 2: Apple TV+ has renewed its spy drama for a second season! Starting with Season 2, Tehran will be an Apple Original worldwide. The first season is available to stream now.

The Blacklist, Season 9: NBC has renewed its drama series for a ninth season after airing three episodes of Season 8! You can stream episodes on Peacock and