Stargirl Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Shiv Part Two


Stargirl Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Shiv Part Two

Stargirl Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Shiv Part Two

In the eighth episode of DC Universe’s Stargirl, after Courtney gets herself into some trouble, Pat decides they need to come clean to Barbara. Meanwhile, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick lead an investigation into a classmate.


The episode begins with Pat speeding through town in his Buick, eventually crashing into a light pole. Meanwhile, Barbara is out of town on business with Jordan as the two have dinner after a successful sale. Jordan has to excuse himself early from the meal in order to take care of private business. Back home, Pat observes the destruction to his Buick before calling Barbara to tell her there’s been an accident as Pat is using the car wreck as a cover for Courtney’s injuries.

Courtney wakes up in the hospital and Pat, a little bruised up himself now, explains the situation to her. Courtney is surprised he was willing to total the Buick because she knows he loves the car, but the vehicle is the least of his concerns. Pat tells Courtney he’s going to take her home to rest and then he plans on looking into Cindy Burman and her family, wanting to confirm who her parents are and if they belong to the ISA. He then reminds Courtney that nothing is worth her getting hurt. He wants to come clean with Barbara, to stop lying to her. Courtney says they should wait until they stop the ISA and it’s safe in Blue Valley.

Cindy triumphantly tells her father that she did what the ISA couldn’t and went after Stargirl. Dr. Ito already knows and is pissed that Stargirl is still alive and that Cindy didn’t try to contact him sooner. He’s mad she risked exposure and that he has to explain her actions to the other ISA members. Ito dismisses his daughter, threatening to remove his hood if she doesn’t leave.


At Pat’s shop, Rick is raging that he, Yolanda, and Beth are just standing around after Cindy tried to kill Courtney. Beth and Rick argue about the smart way to approach the situation, including finding out whose Cindy’s parents are. Yolanda takes Beth’s side and Rick finally gives in. As Pat wheels Courtney out of her hospital room, the pair come across Henry sitting at his dad’s bedside. When Courtney tries to say hi, he shuts the door on them.

At home, Courtney rests in bed while Mike brings Courtney some snacks. He apologizes for what he said at the homecoming game, how Pat is his dad and not hers. He explains he’s not used to having to share his dad with anyone, but he thinks it’s pretty cool Courtney is his sister. In the basement, Pat chats with the Cosmic Staff and tells the sentient object that he knows the staff wants justice for Starman but Courtney could have died and he wants the staff to protect her, including taking her away from the danger instead of towards it if it becomes too much.

Barbara arrives home and checks on Courtney, who has fallen asleep. Before Pat can talk with her about anything besides the accident, Barbara says she wants to get some sleep, too. Elsewhere, Jordan confronts a man named Mr. Reilly, the VP of Firebrand Chemicals, and tells him he wants the country free from companies like his who poison the earth and the people in it, like his dead wife, Christine. Jordan then freezes Mr. Reilly to death.

Unwelcome Visitor

At his house, Henry is struggling to deal with his growing telepathic abilities. After dropping a prescription bottle, Henry sees that he’s somehow causing one of the pills to float in the air. At the Burman’s house, Pat catches Beth, Yolanda, and Rick staking out the place. Pat finds himself drawn into Beth’s plan and pretends to be Beth’s stepdad when they meet Cindy’s “mother” Bobbie, who invites the two inside as Yolanda and Rick watch from the bushes.

Still at home in bed, Courtney is bored and trying to text Yolanda. Barbara then invites Cindy inside, who says she heard about the crash and wanted to check in on her. Cindy says she doesn’t ever do this, but she owes Courtney an apology for snapping at her the day before when Courtney decided she wanted to postpone their hang-out for the dance. Cindy admits she overreacted and says she’s sorry. Courtney is speechless.

Inside the Burman’s home, Pat and Beth discover the shelves are full of fake books. Beth throws on the goggles and learns that Chuck cannot identify Bobbie, that her origin is “unknown.” Pretending she has to go to the bathroom, Beth begins searching the house while Pat distracts Bobbie. Beth finds a keypad by the basement door and Chuck helps her to open it.

While Cindy continues to chat up Courtney, the latter can’t help but feel uncomfortable knowing Cindy’s the one who attacked her. Cindy thinks they have a lot in common and tells Courtney she could really use a friend. When Cindy goes to leave, she drops the bomb that she knows Courtney is Stargirl and that she’ll keep her secret for now, but she’ll be back after she kills her friends.

War Criminal

Beth makes her way down into the tunnels below the Burman’s house but loses connection with Chuck as well as Yolanda and Rick outside. While Yolanda and Rick wait for Pat and Beth, concerned, Yolanda gets a text from Courtney telling her that Cindy knows her true identity. After Beth hears a loud roaring in the tunnels, she quickly runs back upstairs and decides to search Cindy’s room instead. Yolanda tries to tell Beth she and Pat need to get out when Cindy arrives back home, but Beth is determined to find something they can use.

Cindy walks in and realizes that Bobbie has someone fixing up their sink, but she’s unaware that the man is Pat as he’s out of her line of sight. Beth notices a picture of Dr. Ito; Chuck tells her that Dr. Shiro Ito is a controversial scientist who was formerly a member of the Japanese military during the ’30s and ’40s and creates conventional and biological weapons. Dr. Ito was tried for war crimes and was executed in 1947.

When Beth hears Cindy on her way to her room, she panics to find a place to hide. Yolanda, dressed up as Wildcat, taps on the window and literally throws Beth out of it, into the waiting arms of Rick who catches Beth no problem thanks to the hourglass. Back down in the kitchen, Pat quickly flees when he realizes Bobbie is trying to flirt with him and sees the other three kids run away from the house outside of the window. Beth shows Pat the picture of Ito and Pat, recognizing him, quickly ushers the kids away from the Burman residence.

Communication Issues

Courtney rushes to the basement to collect the Cosmic Staff, but the staff refuses to budge, only giving in when Courtney says the JSA are in trouble and they need help, leaving Courtney confused as to why the staff reacted that way. At his house, Henry continues practicing his power of telekinesis by using it on a key that he floats around his dad’s office, trying to figure out what it unlocks. Henry eventually discovers a secret door with his father’s Brainwave outfit inside, along with stacks of files (including one of Cindy) and a picture of his mother.

Henry reads Cindy’s file, including a note from Dr. Ito to Dr. King thanking him for agreeing to his proposal and learning that Cindy was sent to keep an eye on Henry. In the letter, Ito adds he’ll alert Dr. King of any changes. Henry rushes out of the room.

At Cindy’s house, Courtney suddenly flies into Cindy’s room dressed up as Stargirl demanding to know what she did to her friends. The fight ends up on the street where the girls land in front of Henry’s car. Cindy pins Courtney to the ground and Henry becomes overwhelmed with both of their thoughts as Cindy urges Henry to help her kill Stargirl and thinks about wanting to join the ISA while Courtney thinks about how she can’t die. The noise becomes too much for Henry, who suddenly builds up a ton of power that explodes from him, sending Cindy and Courtney flying from each other.

Cindy is then grabbed by a few of her father’s drones and carried down into the tunnels. Henry goes to confront Stargirl but can still hear all of her thoughts. While Courtney realizes Henry has the same powers his dad, Brainwave has — inadvertently dropping that revelation on Henry — Henry once again becomes overwhelmed by everything happening and takes off in a run after realizing Courtney is Stargirl. Dr. Ito watches the exchange from a surveillance setup, saying Cindy was wrong. Henry does have his father’s powers.

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