The Letter for the King Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6


The Letter for the King Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6

The Letter for the King Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6

In the previous episode of Netflix’s The Letter for the King, magic saved Tiuri from Slupor, and the squires found Lavinia. In The Letter for the King Season 1 Episode 5, Ardanwen led them to a small village, and in The Letter for the King Season 1 Episode 6, Viridian used the Blood Moon to fulfill the prophecy.

The Black Knight’s Wife

The squires argued with Lavinia over Tiuri, as they still had a mission. However, he was injured and needed help. Ardanwen led them to a small village, where they received help. They recognized Ardanwen, and when Tiuri was better, he found a portrait of the Black Knight. Shona, the woman who gave him shelter, was the Black Knight’s wife. She told Tiuri about the prophecy: when the Blood Moon rises, a North Mage will defeat the darkness. Shona advised against him getting involved.

Lavinia had detected a secret message written on the letter. It listed the names of the noble families, including the parents of the squires, except for Iona’s, who were dead, and Sir Fantumar. It was a plan to usurp King Favian’s throne.

Arman dressed in armor so that Tiuri could show his powers. However, it didn’t work. Lavinia went after him in a field and kissed him. Everyone in the town witnessed flowers swirl around them as they kissed and believed in his power. Unfortunately, Sir Fantumar and the Red Riders arrived. Iona had betrayed them and led them to the village. A force shoved them off their horses. Once the Riders were gone, it was clear. Tiuri wasn’t the one with powers; it was Lavinia all along. Her powers had left a large spiral on the ground with her at the center.


The Letter for the King Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6

Queen Alianor went to Prince Viridian, who had marched his army to the Unauwen walls. While she was in his tent, Viridian learned that Tiuri had the letter. His anger made snow fall inside, with Alianor as a silent witness. While alone in the tent, Alianor found Viridian’s vials of magic. With one empty, her eyes had gone black.

Meanwhile, Prince Iridian went to King Favian about his concerns. King Favian told him that he needed to show him proof that Viridian was a danger.


Faced with her powers, Lavinia left Tiuri and the remaining squires. Tiuri found a group of drunks in the forest, and Arman retrieved him. Around the campfire, Foldo and Jussipo mused about the possibility of dying. Foldo kissed Jussipo. Meanwhile, Arman apologized to Tiuri. He reassured him that Tiuri didn’t need his powers. He was special because he was brave.

The next day, the squires infilitrated Unauwen via the sewers. At the doors to the Great Hall, Iona saved them. However, she manipulated Tiuri to steal the letter for Jaro. The squires fought Iona, Jaro, and the Red Riders. Piak retrieved the letter, but a Red Rider fatally wounded Jussipo.

Blood Moon

The Letter for the King Season 1 Episode 5 and Episode 6

Tiuri brought the letter to King Favian during Prince Virdian’s homecoming feast. Favian and Iridian learned of Viridian’s plan. Viridian allowed his brother to stab him with a sword as the Blood Moon rose. The darkness within him was free, but Lavinia used the light of her powers to defeat him.

In Dagonaut, Queen Alianor knighted Foldo, Piak, Arman, and Tiuri. However, the darkness may still have lived on within her.

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