Westworld Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Westworld Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Westworld, we learned that Dolores had made copies of herself, and she and Cal successfully kidnapped Liam Dempsey, Jr. In Westworld Season 3 Episode 5, Dolores carried out her plan to start the revolution, while we discovered Serac’s backstory with Liam’s father.


Dolores and Caleb took Liam through downtown Los Angeles and kept moving to avoid Serac’s people. Liam administered a party drug called Genre into Caleb’s system. It made him feel as if he was in different types of movies, complete with theme music and lighting.

Serac’s people finally caught up to them and shot up the vehicle they were in. Dolores used the situation to persuade Liam to give her his biometric identification for his access to Rehoboam. She orchestrated a getaway with Caleb using high-tech weapons while on Genre. Ash and Giggles arrived to back them up, and they all escaped through the subway.

A Part to Play

Westworld Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

With Liam’s biometric passkey, the Connells host accessed Rehoboam from a node with Bernard under his control. On Dolores’s orders, Connells sent everyone their full files from Rehoboam. Stubbs arrived to save Bernard. Serac’s people were there to question Connells as the breach had come from that location. Connells had Bernard and Stubbs escape the building as he went to speak to Serac who called in as a hologram from his jet. Connells armed an explosive at his desk and blew up the office. Bernard and Stubb evacuated the building with the crowd and saw the world outside was also on fire.

Open Their Cages

While on the subway, Dolores explained her plan to Liam, Caleb, Ash, and Giggles. Liam used his glasses to access their files to convince them of the dangers of people learning the truth. He told Ash that the brother she worked to protect would die a violent death. Caleb reasoned that chaos was better. Around them on the subway, people began receiving their files and were faced with the future Incite had predicted and forced them to fulfill. People outside of the subway station were rioting, and a car with two shooters pulled up to kill Caleb. Dolores took a hit and saved Caleb.

On the beach, Dolores wondered what to do with Liam, who they no longer needed. Ash shot and killed him under a pier, while Caleb tried to save him. They arrived at a hangar where a long bag was delivered. Dolores took a call from Serac before boarding the plane.


Westworld Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Serac told the story of how he and his brother developed Rehoboam. Following a childhood shaped by a nuclear explosion that wiped out Paris, they wanted the ability to predict the future. The brothers found an investor in Liam Dempsey, Sr. They used their system’s power to show him how lucrative their predictions were and their ability to manipulate the world in their favor.

Dempsey, Sr. discovered that Serac had been working to change his brother, who he considered an outlier. Outliers doomed the system with their unpredictability. He told Dempsey that his brother planned to kill him. In scenarios where Dempsey revealed the truth, the world ended in chaos. Serac killed Dempsey and made it look like his private jet had crashed.

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